Shade Loving plants

Noreen, a friend of mine went to Crete on holidays recently and took this photo! I thought it is an ingenious way of shading the hydrangeas from the heat of the sun. I think it is a terrific holiday snap, I can almost feel the heat!


Anonymous said…
I SOOOOOO wanna be there! How lovely and hot and sleepy does that place look?! I can feel my shoulders burning just looking at it! Brilliant idea though, Neccessity is the mother of invention after all!
Aisling xxx
Anonymous said…
Oh yes, I can feel the heat all to well here, also. It is 102F degrees here today!
Beautiful picture.
Caution said…
Stopped by via Life on a Southern Farm. I enjoyed seeing your gardening pix. Looks like your hard work will pay off!

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