Gone to seed

Zwena, our allotment owner is a great believer in the natural order of things and some plants are allowed to go to seed just for the beauty of them, to add interest to the overall picture. These are some leeks with seed heads in various shades of purple next to some sweet peas.

My Coriander plant went to seed! Not very easy to see in the photo, it is the tall brownish spindly plant in the centre! It just bolted upwards producing lovely white flowers and it is now covered in seed heads which have a wonderful smell. I will save some of the seeds and see what happens.

Liam's Gladioli bunches just coming into bloom! There are a lot of flowers planted around the allotment also which I will photograph and post later.


Just an FYI...your plant is cilantro....the seeds however are called coriander seeds. I love both!! They are good in everything.
Lynda said…
Peggy I sometimes also let my plants go to seed so that I can harvest the seeds ... the coriander seeds can be either replanted or used for cooking - you can grind them to add to dishes, or use them whole. They store well in a sealed glass jar & also smell wonderful !
Peggy said…
Hi farmlife and Lynda,
Thanks for those words of advice. I did not know about the seeds, it was quite by chance I pulled a couple and just sniffed them to discover the wonderful smell. I was just going to pull a few to see how they grew but now I will hotfoot it out to gather all of them!

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