Strawberry Success!

Had put hay underneath the plants the last day we were out to keep the fruit up off the ground.I had also left the plastic tunnels over them. all of the plants had ripe fruit and a lot more to ripen! They looked and smelled lovely!
I weeded around the plants and picked the ripest fruit ,watered them and put the plastic tunnels back over them as we are having a cool spell of weather again.
I brought home the strawberries and weighed them, there was half a pound, 230 grms, not a lot but all our own!
I read somewhere not to put them in the fridge as it kills the taste ,and do they taste sweet !! Some runners for new plants are shooting out,but I dont know if we should cut them off or plant them. We have not bought any plants, so we do not know the name of them or how old they are. Do strawberry plants have a dig up by date? How often should they be renewed?


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