Our scarecrow day!

I have been trying for ages to get the captions next to the relevant photo, but they do not publish in the correct order!
From the Top
1: Myself, weeding while waiting for someone to turn up who can hopefully turn the post next to me into a passable scarecrow! Ed secured the post on Sat evening.
2:Grandson, trapper Ben meditating, while I wonder if a leather football..( soft )..( the football, not me) would make a suitable head for our scarecrow?
3:Grandson Ryan has taken control of the hose so Kevin starts the long trek to the next hosepipe with his trusty watering can.
4: Son in law Rob gets to grips with the 'head'.
5: Daughter Linda giving hubby Rob a helping hand, while Ryan demonstrates the overhand method of watering!


fiftypushing said…
Hi Peggy! It sounds as if you had a great open day - sorry about the potato blight! Your photos are great - I am so envious - I find it a real bind trying to get my own photos onto my blog, never mind captions!

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