My own mother Catherine ( Nana Percy) R.I.P. 25/04/2008 with her Yorkshire terrier Percy.

My mother in law Alice ( Nana Mopsy) R.I.P. 3/04/2008 with her boxer Mopsy

Nana Sam! Myself with Sam, a cavalier King Charles spaniel.

When My grandchildren Stephen and Gemma were small they were lucky enough to have all of their grandparents and great grandparents alive. This caused some confusion especially in my own case as my children had called my mother in law Nana Murray, but now to their children I was Nana Murray! So... to distinguish which Nana they were talking about my mother in law became known as Nana Mopsy after her dog and my mother became Nana Percy after her dog, I was still Nana Murray as I had no dog!
I recently acquired H.R.H Cavalier King Charles Sammy. He used to live with my daughter Kathryn, then the kids had got another dog, a Golden Retriever called Shila. Sam and Shila got on fine but then Shila had puppies ( 7)! They were Retriever/Labrador cross and all went to good homes, mainly family. The girls wanted to keep one of the puppies, so Sylvester stayed. Sammy is now around 10 years old, deaf and not up to Sylvester's antics so Sammy moved in to live in solitary state with his Nana! Daughter Aisling happened to remark one day " Mam, you do realise you have now become Nana Sam!
That's when I decided to put the photos together and let the younger grandchildren know who their great grandmothers were and why they were called Nana Percy and Nana Mopsy! They died within weeks of each other in 2006, my own mother was suffering from cancer for some time when my mother in law died suddenly 3 weeks before her. The dogs have long since passed on, but their names will be remembered with love and affection just as the Nanas they will always be associated with.


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Nice dogs!

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