Garlic Disaster!

Choose a site with well drained soil which has been previously treated with a general purpose fertiliser.
Plant; Sept to Oct is the best time to plant garlic but it is possible to plant Feb to March.
Split the bulb into separate cloves and plant 2” deep and 9” apart.
Garlic needs little attention only weeding or hoeing to aerate the soil and watering in dry weather.

Lift when foliage turns yellow and allow to dry before storing in a frost free place in trays or nets.
Sounds Simple? Foolproof even? Read on !

Planted bulbs Sunday 24th Feb.
Used Unwin’s garlic bulbs, bought in Ravensdale in tower.
The site is sunny and well drained but according to the instructions it should have been previously treated with a general purpose fertilizer. There was manure dug into this bed last June but that is all that has been put into it.

Ed and I went out to allotment on 17th March ( St Patrick's day)! did a lot of clearing and tidying, planted more garlic bulbs and the first lot are coming on well.

Fri 13th June.

Have to admit the garlic is a non runner this year! After a very promising start it just seemed to slow down and die off. I have watered it each time we went out to the allotment but one by one they have died. There are 2 very yellow specimens left now. The onions on each side seem to be doing OK still. Will have to look into the garlic question before planting it again. I had heard it was hard to grow,but it seemed to make such a good start I thought it was OK.
To the top of the photo, main crop potatoes on the left, red onions to the right and the empty space in front of them is where the Garlic SHOULD be! The girls have put in 4 baby scarecrows which can be seen here, must take better close ups for them.


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