Mahon Point Farmer's Market

Mahon Point Farmer's market update!
This market takes place every Thursday morning from 10.00am to 2.00pm in the Plaza in front of the lower entrance to the shopping centre. We were there just after 11.00 am and it was just getting busy, by the time we left it was packed and I would think some of the stalls would be sold out before 2.00pm!
There is about 36 stalls listed in the Spring brochure which I picked up, from organic vegetables to cheeses, free range chickens/eggs, plants and all things homemade and/or handmade. The main benefit of all of the markets is that nearly all of the producers have samples of their foods available. So if you have ever wanted to just taste something these are the places to go.
I did just that myself when I spied the jars of Goats Cheese and samples laid out on crackers at the Magpie Cottage stall. Their cheese is produced in east Cork from their prize winning herd of anglo nubian goats .I had a preconceived idea it would be smelly and strong but it is anything but! I asked the nice gentleman on the stall ,the producer Mr Phil Rhodes (bottom photo ) if that was all you could do with it. He laughed and gave me some recipes his wife uses it for. I usually do stuffed chicken breasts but I am going to try the Magpie Cottage Version .

Take one chicken breast fillet, make a pocket down one side.
Put 1 ball of Goats Cheese in the cavity
wrap the whole breast in a streaky rasher of bacon ( I am doing it in Prosciutto which is a nicer flavour)
Use one fillet per person depending on size
Line them in a lightly oiled roasting dish and cover with tinfoil
Cook in a medium oven ( I use gas mark 5) for about 45 mins
Remove tinfoil for last 15 mins to allow fillets to brown
Cooking time is approximate depending on size of chicken breasts

Cheesy Pork Chops;

Grill the pork chops; just before serving, put some goats cheese on top and return to the grill to melt the cheese, serve immediately.

Cheese on Toast;
Instead of just grating cheese on the toast put one ball of Goats cheese on and grill as usual!
If there is any of the oil left in the jar it can be used for roasting potatoes or chicken.

Any of the stall holders will be only too happy to talk to you about their products and give advice on using them.
Chicken Breast & Goats cheese stuffing Update!
Tried these for dinner this evening and they taste fantastic! They got the thumbs up ( their mouths were full,they could not speak)! from my 2 foreign students, one French and one German,my grand daughter Gemma, Ed and myself. I was a bit wary at first but was pleasantly surprised and will definitely do them again.


Gypsy at Heart said…
This place looks great. Where is it located exactly? Not that I have any hope that it might be here in Houston but I thought I'd ask anyway.
Peggy said…
Hi, Gypsy at heart, This place is in Cork in Southern Ireland!if you read the older posts my blog is about organic gardening ie; growing our own vegetables on an allotment.The farmer's markets are getting hugely popular here as a place to buy additive free food, organic veg and artisan foods.I hope you enjoyed reading.
Peggy said…
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Anonymous said…
The Farmer's Market looks like a wonderful place to find fresh food.
The recipes look like they will be really good.
I enjoyed your photos also.
(on the chicken nest, you asked how to get the chickens to nest in them) I usually put a nest egg, either a real egg or a wooden one in the straw or hay we put inside the nest boxes. Hens just seem to like getting inside a nest box.
Our young chickens should be ready to start laying in a couple of months. I hope to have photos.
Have a good day.

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