Its not all work and no play!

This is Robert's Cove, a small beach about 30 minutes drive from Cork city. I have a mobile home which we use during the summer. It is in a park up on the cliffs to the left,but not visible here. This is Kevin, Sinead and Aoife trying to 'surf ' outside the seaweed! This little sandy bay is covered in seaweed for most of the summer for some reason.Sometimes it is worse than others. The tide was fully in here so it looks bad. We have to collect a bag of the stuff to put on the Asparagus out in the allotment, I dont know who is going to take it home?!
We were the only ones on the beach that day. It is near enough to go to if the sun comes out unexpectedly, which happens here regularly! Kevin and his Mom Aisling spent the weekend down there and had beautifull weather. It is safe for children and they love the rock pools and the stream that runs down the beach at low tide. They collect crabs (dead) and various shells.


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