Mutant French Beans!

Terry Walton on his grow your own veg articles in Garden News advised starting seeds in plastic bags in the airing cupboard and keeping a close eye on them.
This is what happens when you take your eye off the ball or beans in this case!
I put the seeds in last week, 4 to 5 days is the max to see germination and they should then be removed and potted up.
Sat or Sun were the optimum days for these poor babies but we had Kevin's Holy Communion on Sat and a family BBQ on Sunday ,I just forgot their existence yesterday and today I revealed a tangled mass of roots when I cut open the bag.
I had to gently prise the roots and leggy shoots apart like untangling knitting wool they were so closely entwined.

I eventually separated 19 seedlings and repotted them carefully, they are standing ? at crazy angles but will hopefully straighten up and turn green instead of the mutant shade of white they are at the moment.
I put them into trays and will water from the bottom keeping fingers crossed the roots will go down and the plant up?!
These are Blue Lake French beans which were a freebie in Garden News recently.

Grandson Kevin and head gardener all dressed up for his First Holy Communion.


Why I garden... said…
Wonder will your beans recover, suppose they will. The artichoke in your previous post looks amazing, I've always wanted to grow artichoke but never have. I really like your fried egg plants spilling out of the tire. My fried/poached egg plants have really multiplied this year as well.

I ended up with some casualties trying to harden off plants in the recent gales. Looks like better weather to come, Kelli.
Willow said…
Good Luck on the beans. I am looking forward to see how they come out. An interesting way to start them out.

Your Grandson is so Handsome in his suit and He looks so proud and happy on his special day.
Jason Dingley said…
They look good to eat. I wonder if that is a good technique to grow a large quantity of bean sprouts to eat?
Heehee! I'm a big fan of mutant seedlings - remembering the first time I grew Peruvian corn and aliens emerged from the compost!
Matron said…
So you resisted the temptation to stir fry them and have Chinese food for dinner that evening?
Blogger problem seems better when I downloaded google chrome! phew!
Anonymous said…
Hope the "mutants" straighten up and and grow right! If anyone can get them to you can! With your wonderful green thumb!

Blessings to your grandson, quite handsome and happy he is!

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