Artichokes to Go

I cut 2 of the Globe artichokes today, the bottom leaves were beginning to open from the heads.
I cooked one for supper tonight.My method of cooking them is fast and simple, fast tasty food in minutes!
I put it into cold salted water ,brought the water to the boil and put the lid on. The water came about half way up the head.Turn down the heat and simmer for about 20 minutes.

Some people use vinaigrette or a sauce, me... a knob of butter (our butter here is salted)I put some on top to melt down through the leaves.
This is not for polite eating in public and needs a finger bowl or lots of tissue.Tear off the leaves one by one, holding the leaf by the tip dip the end (the part nearest the heart)into the butter.Still holding the tip (there is not a polite or easy way to describe it)scrape the flesh with the bottom teeth!
The outside leaves do not have a lot of flesh but as you get nearer the heart the leaves get paler in colour and more fleshy.Then you reach the centre 'choke' which can be eaten whole or sliced still dipping it in the butter.

The remains, not a pretty sight but provided a scrumptious feast!
There are lots of recipes online for artichokes but I find my method suitable if you only have one or two hearts at a time.


Willow said…
I have never had one of those. I will have to give them a try.
Anonymous said…
Thanks Peggy the problem I had last year with only having one plant was not getting enough chokes for a recipe, and the recipes recommend removing tough leaves and the centre.
They fabulous! Mine are still little plants, love their silvery foliage, so beautiful.

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