Hands on Hens!

Keeping Hens Course.

Hydro Farm presents a one day course on keeping hens. The course will cover, how to choose a hen, where to buy hens, different breeds, where to keep your hen, feeding, drinking water, bedding, laying boxes, collecting eggs, broody hens, breeding chickens and what to do with your chicken manure.

The course will be run by Zwena McCullough who has kept free range hens for over 30 years.

This is a hands on course where we will look at the free range hens kept here on the farm and their housing.

The course will be on saturday the 25th. June
Time 10am till 5pm. & will include a light lunch.

Cost €50.00 places limited and will be, on a first come first served basis.

Please email to happyzwena@hotmail.com to book your place and get details of payment.

The course will be run on the Hydro Farm, Tower, Blarney, Co. Cork. If the weather is good we will be outside and if it is wet we will have the course inside in our conference centre.


Linda said…
Are you allowed to keep hens on your allotment, Peggy? It's not permitted in Edinburgh.
Jo said…
That sounds like wonderful course to attend. Wish I was there! Hope the weather is really kind to you. Have a great weekend. Jo
Ann said…
Wish I could come, wish I could keep hens!!! When we visited my nephew I'm afraid I was more interested in meeting his hens than his children!!!
Peggy said…
Linda, no my hens are at home!our allotments are on a big farm so Zwena the owner has hens,geese,ducks near the plots so everyone can see and hear them!There are also 2 lambs which are being bottle fed at the moment and the children get to do it if they are around at feeding time.

Jo, I am looking forward to it myself, no improvement in our weather at the moment.

Ann,2 hens would be easy if you have enough room for a run for them
Anonymous said…
The course sounds excellent...I needed this years ago! I learned from my Mom when I was a kid...and from there it was learning by experience. Probably not always the best way for the hens. Wish I could go even if I don't have hens any more!
What a wonderful opportunity to learn from someone well versed in hen-keeping! I approach the day I too will poan to learn enough to. have some free-range chickens. Headed to AZ tonmorrow!

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