Hitchcock Hens!

Some photos of the hens taken over the past couple of weeks, they have settled in and seem to be intent on taking over!
D.Aisling has christened them the Hitchcock hens.
One of them always hangs around outside long after the other 3 have bedded down for the night. A bit of a rebel at heart. Here she is investigating the high hedge, if she can't fly over it maybe she can go through it?!

No, I am not going to bed its too early and I am not afraid of the dark!

One evening as I was working on the computer I got the eerie feeling I was being watched.I checked the patio door ,no sign of anyone.
Then I turned to the window and here were 2 of my lassies gazing in!They had flown up onto the windowsill and one was looking over at me on the computer.
The other was watching the TV, hoping 'Chicken Run' or 'Over the Hedge' was showing?!

The girls lay 4 eggs most days now, last Sunday was very wet & windy and for some reason only 2 eggs were laid.
On Monday I went to check and found 3 eggs and 1 monster one which looked as big as a duck egg.
I felt sorry for the poor hen which had produced it!
I had a double yolk for my poached egg on toast. It is years since I saw one of these and it was a surprise to say the least.

Blogger Yesterday and today I am having problems with Blogger (again)!
I sign in and as usual I am taken to my Dashboard but when I click 'view Blog' I am not signed in so I cannot leave comments on other blogs!
I thought I would not be able to post but today I discovered I can access this through the dashboard .
It is very annoying to say the least, hopefully it will be corrected soon.

Gale force winds are still with us and are causing delays getting plants out on the plot, everything is just being torn apart with the wind.


Jessie said…
The hens are lovely and that egg is so cool! I've never seen one of those before!
Why I garden... said…
Hi peggy, I had some trouble with Blogger this week as well. I laughed at the thought of your hen watching TV, funny. Animals are quite curious. I usually have cats following me around the garden and cows peering at me through the hedges. Kelli.
Kathleen said…
I would get the pedigree of those hens checked out,scary stuff staring in the window like that!Dont get too attached or you will be tempted to invite them in during the winter months to sit by the fire!
Anonymous said…
Hi Peggy a friend of mine told me the hens need sunshine hours to produce an egg thats why when the weather turns and theres not much sun you may not get an egg everyday. Must be weird when they are watching you.
Leanne said…
Love the story about the chooks. Almost makes me wish I had some.
Peggy said…
Jessie, thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment, with Blogger still freezing me out I can visit but not leave comments on other blogs.I visited yours and it is a lovely crafty blog I will be back to visit again!

Kelli,I have been told that because there are only 4 of them and me they can become quite tame!All animals seem to have a personality if you have the time to see it.

Kathleen, They could be sitting by the fire and I could be in the henhouse come winter!

Kellee, I think that may be the reason too as they are supposed to lay a lot less during the winter months.

I was like that for ages and then took the plunge and got some!
Jo said…
Oh Peggy I just love your Hichcock Hens! Wonderful photos. And also yummy-looking eggs. Straight from the run! Hope Blogger sees all our comments and fixes the universal problem. I also battle to comment and come out anonymous! Have a great weekend. Jo

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