The Circle of Life

Its been over a week since I blogged, but a lot has happened in that short space of time.
Sinead and Aoife lost their other Nanna on Easter Monday and the week was taken up with the various funeral services. Here in Ireland we bury the deceased within 3 days usually unless family have to get home from abroad to the funeral.The first evening is usually very quiet with the Rosary taking place ,sometimes this is confined to family and very close friends, the second evening is the removal from the funeral home to the Church.
The final service is on the third day with Mass being celebrated in the Church and then the deceased is taken to their final resting place.
Cremation is slowly becoming accepted here but they are still few and far between.
Sinead is due to make her Confirmation next Tues and will miss her Nanna Kathleen on the day.
Gardening and some potting on was done during the week while we had the good weather which came to an abrupt halt on Sat and the south of the country had a deluge of biblical proportions!
The ground needed some rain as it had got very dry and no amount of watering could wet it sufficiently, this morning everything is up looking healthy and strong.
Photos of the bluebell wood on the way up to the plots, I mean to take photos each year but this is the first year I have actualy stopped on the way down and taken out the camera.
Blue and white bells are carpeting the floor under the trees, ferns are uncurling from the fallen debris and brown leaves and the woods are coming to life once again.


Anonymous said…
Hugs for Sinead and Aoife, sad to hear of their nanas passing.
PeggyR said…
You have been one busy lady!
OffalyGoodLife said…
Could you send some of that rain up here (not that we're praying for it or anything...)?
Anonymous said…
Sympathy to Sinead and Aoife for the loss of their Nanna!

Great photo of the bluebells in the woods!

Death and (re)birth it is a wonderful circle isn't it?
Why I garden... said…
Sorry to hear about your family's loss.
thank you for sharing how you mourn and then celebrate the life of your loved ones Peggy.
The flowers that are in season when someone dies are a kindly reminder of the circle of life in the years that follow.
Take care and hugs to you and your little ones. N x
Mark Willis said…
As a gardener yourself, maybe you should recommend planting a tree or shrub in honour of the deceased loved one? Then you would have something to remind you of them every year.
Willow said…
I am so sorry to hear about Your families love one. My prayers are with you. We too have been having so much rain, more than usual.
So sorry about the loss in your family. As you know, my Dad died in January, and that was so hard on all of us. We pulled together as a family, though and our daugther was even able to come from AZ. All my best for the gardens in the coming months. Hope to visit again soon....
xlpharmacy said…
Nice garden! And the tittle is just perfect! Keep up the good work and also keep posting.

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