Artichokes & Fried Egg!

Blogger is still causing problems with me signing in to my blog!Going through the dashboard is the only way I can access it as 'sign in' is constantly at the top of the page no matter how many times I sign in!
I can leave comments on some blogs but not on others?!
The globe artichokes took me by surprise at the weekend , they kind of snuck up! I am not complaining just counting the days and watching until I can take one home for lunch!These are off shoots of one which was on the plot when we took it over 4 years ago and had gone wild.
Fried Egg plant.Last year they were small plants in the tyre in the courtyard of the allotments.The children asked me why they were called fried egg plants, I said the colour and they spread out, last year they were very well behaved and stayed within the tyre.
This year I asked them what does an egg do when you crack it into the pan? it spreads out!The plants have escaped from the tyre and despite having been pulled out have grown again through the gravel.I think it looks great with flowers and colour just spilling over.
Flowers on the snap dragons on the plot, these are just 6 which I bought in a tray recently, behind under the fleece cloche are Pak Choi which the slugs decimated at first but seem to be leaving alone lately.
Flowers on the Duke of York 1st earlies.Home Guard were the first 1st earlies put in and I expected them to flower first so it was a nice surprise to see these today.
We have gale force winds and it gets quite cold in the evenings and at night but I see some Blight warnings being issued already?!
I have Bordeaux mixture and hopefully a day over the weekend when it is not too windy I will spray just to be on the safe side.
Beans are developing on the Broad beans but the wind has knocked over a couple, I have tied the others to the wire with raffia and can only hope it holds them.
Second problem is the holes in the leaves, worm or slug damage?

Another victim of the gales, these begonias were growing beautifully in my hanging basket when I left this morning. They were on the ground when I returned this evening. I floated them on a plate with water,I just could not bear to leave them on the lying on the ground.


Anonymous said…
Hi Peggy when you harvest your artichoke would you do a post on how you use them, last year was the first year I have grown an artichoke and I'm still not sure of the best way to cook them.
Anna Bee said…
Fried egg plant is great - doesn't seem to mind the frost at all! We have horrible windy weather here in the midlands - now that I'm finally free to garden! Hopefully we'll get some growthy wether soon.
Jo said…
Hi Peggy, thanks for commenting on my blog. You appeared as "Peggy" I have had untold problems trying to comment on other blogs. Always telling me to "sign in" Anyway, your veges look superb. Are Duke of York potatoes? Your fried egg plants are new to me. I love this vegetable - also called Aubergine and brinjal in South Africa. Bundle up against those winds. Blessings and hugs Jo
Matron said…
Peggy I have the same problem with my blog too, it's not just you.
Matron said…
I planted those 'fried egg' plants - limanthes. The bees love them, but they do tend to self seed everywhere.
Don't worry about the limnanthes self-seeding. I was told a few years ago that they can be turned in as a green manure and it appears to be so. I love them, have grown them for years but only ever bought one packet of seed 1989! I'm not averse to a bit of self-seeding.
goodness your globe artichokes are early compared to ours here. How wonderful though - get that vinegarette ready!
Peggy said…
Kellee, your blog is one of the ones I have not been able to leave comments on due to Blogger!
xlpharmacy said…
Too bad I'm having the same problem right now, but well i hope that it will get fix it soon.
Some plants or any kind of stuff have weird names i never ask why, but well...

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