Sunny Sunday Morning on the Plot

The morning dawned bright and sunny so Kevin and myself paid a quick (2 hour) visit to the plot.The All Ireland Football Final between Cork and Kerry is this afternoon so I had to be near the TV, tickets to the match in Dublin were like gold so only the lucky ones got that far.Kevin was delighted by the size of his Sunflowers!
Our harvest continues..Spuds which still look OK even though on cutting through them some are damaged by slugs and blight is visible.A big bag of pears left for me by Rhoda who even went to the trouble of printing off recipes for me, a post later about these.White turnips and more runner beans!The beans are star performers for us this year. This is the bed where i put in the trench composting all last winter so it seems to be paying dividends and the last red cabbage which is huge even after taking off all of the outer leaves.I pulled some carrots which are more embryo than even baby!This particular bed has not produced very well this year and is one earmarked for composting and resting over the winter.
The sprouts
A big bee on one of the lupins, there are still lots of them around enjoying the late summer
One of our two remaining heads of celery. All the other plants went to seed.These are covered with a dressing of hay to blanch the stalks so far they are small but perfectly formed!
We have a few plants of Swiss Chard and we were getting a bit fed up of just steaming them as veg so I was delighted to see a unusual pie recipe on Linda's blog which looks delicious.
The runner beans ,still more to come,I gave the bed a good soaking while we were there.
Autumn colour on one of our Blueberry bushes
We paid a quick visit to see the hens who clustered around as soon as we appeared.
Some of the flowers still blooming around some of the plots today.A beautiful purple pansy
Blue pansy...
Nasturtiums with salad leaves and coriander flowers in the background
One of the tyres in the BBQ area , both big tractor tyres are in full bloom
A close up of one of them with deep purple cape daisy.
We were the only two out there this morning so it was lovely and peaceful, there will probably be quite a few plotters out after the match.


Ann said…
Thanks for the cupcake link Peggy, lots for me to try out. I really want to master the piping and saw that Philadelphia cheese can be added to the butter cream so will try that.

Looks like you are having a lovely sunny day over there too, it's been gorgeous here. Graham has been watching football too, Manchester United v Manchester City, he's a life long City supporter and they lost :(
Anonymous said…
Lovely produce (I've never tried to grow celery) and plant/flower photos...I had no idea you had to drive 2 hours to get to your plot...makes me feel down right ridiculous about not being able to get 50 feet outside the backdoor...(on my side I'll have to say that the very time I go out and start working is when my DH needs me for the that too unsubtle?)....LOL...I really need to organize my time better, you're certainly a fantastic role model...right now DH is watching USA far his team is WINNING...YAY...have a splendid Monday!
Matron said…
What a grand harvest! Looks like we might be getting a few warm days at last! I admire your courage for growing celery, I have never tried, is it as difficult as they say?
Wow, it all looks fantastic! I love this time of year when the harvest is so bountiful and the season starts to change again.

How did you find growing blueberries? I've always fancied it but have been told they can be difficult to grow. Your blueberry bush looks wonderful, and I can just picture one of those up on the bank, nestling between my other berry bushes!
mangocheeks said…
Nice harvest Peggy, you sprouts are looking good. I may try to grow some celery next year, I do tend to use it now and again.

PS you don't seem to be having much luck with this computer bug, seems to be affecting your computer a lot. My computer problem is sometimes it is so slow, but at least it works.

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