Pleasantly Pottering

Bilbo has reached nipitinthebud in Gloucester ,if you are interested in seing what he got up to.
Continuing warmth and sunshine, its too hot to do too much strenuous gardening so I have been tidying around the plot.Christy was putting in some onions and garlic yesterday but still undecided if we will put them in over winter yet.
Harvest yesterday, more British Queens, (no Blight)!runner beans,white turnips and the side shoots from the broccoli plants.
Action Woman! Zwena catching up on the grass cutting as the ground has been so wet it has been impossible to get much of it done.
We have about 40 new strawberry plants from runners. Whether they will all survive to next year remains to be seen.I potted the remaining ones today.
The 4 Lavender plants have been tidied up for next year, I cut back all the flowering shoots and just clipped them into a neat shape. I just took the tips off of the shoots as to cut into the woody stems could impair growth for next year.
The first lot of Leeks are getting big I earthed them up slightly, I see matron had an ingenious method of slipping Kitchen roll holders over the leaves to get a nice length of white stem.
The Brussels Sprouts are doing OK in their high rise, some slug damage on the lower leaves.These seem to be at varying stages of growth so hopefully will keep us going through until Christmas.
Our sweetcorn was bad enough after a terrible start but now the rabbits have chewed on the few cobs that were there. Admittedly they had not grown too tall and the cobs were down lower than should be the case.
Some of Zwena's glut of tomatoes in the poly tunnel.There are quite a few varieties, tumbling,cherry,beefsteak and tigerrella.Zwena told us to help ourselves so I had a few to bring home with me.
So that was the afternoon, more 'pottering' than anything else but work was done!


Matron said…
Your leeks look lovely and thick and healthy! I love them because they are about the only veg that is there for me throughout the Winter months when everything else has given up on me.
Catherine said…
isn't the weather wonderful? To be able to even say that in Ireland is tempting fate! Well done for the great harvest, and it gives me great ideas about what can be done. I must tidy our lavender border too. thanks for reminding me. I like your new look by the way (haircut)!
Anonymous said…
Your veggies are quite impressive....and I'm sure quite delicious too! Inspiring me to put some fall/winter veggies in my garden. There's absolutely nothing we eat that's as good as fresh veggies.
It must nice to go round the plot with big green machine!!... ~bangchik
My sweetcorn are very low this year too. How strange - I wonder why??

Thanks for the herb site link too - it's a very good site and well worth bookmarking.

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