Pumpkins and Flowers

Indian summer has come to our windswept isle,the plot this morning was warm and sunny with the bees buzzing around and butterflies flitting to and fro.Work to be done though,I trimmed the lavender plants cutting back the flowering stems.I covered the empty early potatoe bed with barrow loads of manure and put down cardboard which will be covered with weed membrane.The bed will be left to recover until Spring when the onions go in.I brought home the onions to dry out and the ones I planted last are the biggest.The ones put in last Sept were very small.
I have not been up on our manure bank so far this year and had forgotten to record the pumpkin growth up to now.This is one monster lurking in the leaves.
More pumpkins hiding
A view of the bank,the tendrils of the pumpkins almost down to ground level.
a close up of the sunflowers behind the greenhouse, these ones are huge!
The sunflowers, I cut off some of the heads which are gone to seed and put them into the greenhouse to dry out.I don't know if we can dry these ourselves to use,another job for Google soon
We have lots of Snapdragons around the plot still flowering and lots of different colours.This is a lovely peachy colour which the camera did not capture
a cerise one...
A pink one...
The calendula are still blooming all over the plot.I have been deadheading and they just keep coming.With the sun shining the flowers were looking good after the battering they have taken over the past few weeks.


Anonymous said…
I've been enjoying your blog over the past several days (I'm a newbie to blogger.com). Sunflowers are one of my favorite flowers and you've got some beautiful, BIG ones!!! I'm in the process of trying to rescue a small flower bed (with a huge tomato vine in the middle)....I want to start growing more vegetables but on a (very) small scale. I care for my husband, who is 84 and bedridden and my time is limited for being outdoors......I'll be back to visit....Theanne/Annie
Ann said…
The weather is beautiful here too Peggy, what a difference it makes! The colours of the snap dragons are gorgeous, they are a lovely flower aren't they.
Jo said…
Oh what lovely weather Peggy. And your garden is magnificent! Thanks for popping over to my blog. I think Chillies need very hot (and I think,) dry conditions. Last week I cut a green pepper into our salad. Only it had crossed with a chillie and burnt...

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