Grandson's Graduation Ball

Eldest Grandson Stephen finished Secondary School this year and is now starting Bio Medical Engineering in CIT.Their graduation ball is a big night for them as they meet up again and maybe for the last time with friends they have spent 6 years in daily contact with.Stephen's school is one of the few if not the only one in Cork where parents are invited to the meal and usually stay for some of the night if they wish.Stephen brought his mother Kathryn and myself.Stephen with long time girl friend, Deirdre who looked stunning was also celebrating her debs night as she has graduated from the same school and has also secured her college place.
The grad buys a corsage for the girl and these wrist worn ones have become very popular in the last few years.
Full length!
With Mom Kathryn
Money is spent on some frivolous accessories like stretch limos and even stretch Hummers....but who needs them when you could have a
Stretch Mini!!
Stephen has been learning how to jive with me since the wedding and here we are getting in some practice.
The two little sisters came for a few minutes after the meal to see the style.
This is one chapter closed in their lives and hopefully life will be good to them as they set out on their chosen paths


OMG! it aint fair grandson doing the jive with his Granny!
Thats a great shot, they all look great where oh where did you get your outfit looks fab pity i am not a size 10 i have a wedding to go to! How fast does weightwatchers work i have until Oct. 3rd!!!!
Pity all looked serious in the photo with Catherine and Stephen and Deirdre!
Hope ye all had a great night!
vuejardin said…
Congratulations! Granny looks young and gorgeous!
Anonymous said…
Looks like a GRAND evening....I like that family is included...I think it's nice they're doing wrist corsages again....about 50 years ago I wore one to my ex-husbands prom...and the stretch mini is fantabulous....I learned to drive in a Mini and wish I had the money to buy a new one....
Peggy said…
Talesfromagarden: the camera is telling a whopper of a lie,the dress is a size 14!

Vuejardin: thank you for dropping by and the compliment!

Annie: just goes to show everything in fashion comes around in circles!
Ann said…
Looks like it was a grand do - and what a handsome couple they make!
Anonymous said…
Congratulations to handsome Stephen, beautiful Deirdre and class.
Peggy, you look like you could jive all night! You looked wonderful,too!!
Great photos.

Good luck to them all on their next schooling.
Have a great weekend.
Ann said…
I wash the fabric because it usually shrinks Peggy. The fabric I use for patchwork is always cotton (at least is should be, sometimes I might cheat a bit)and it always shrinks so you don't want that happening to your finished quilt, it would look very puckered.
What a handsome grandson. And, I see where he gets his good looks from. I bet all of you had a great time.
Catherine said…
Aww this is lovely - debs season! Haven't had a son in a tux in about 3 yrs now but it is a fun time - i love the stretch mini! way nicer than the hummers and pink limos! What hotel was that? in Cork or Blarney? my middle son is a CIT grad (graphic design now doing MA in DIT) and lived nearby in student apts beside the college. (Abbeyville). So I have been to 2 grad ceremonies there as he graduated after 3rd year and then 4th year! Your grandson is a handsome fellow and the girl looks lovely. Didn't think you'd grandkids that old - you don't look it!

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