Carrot Fly

This afternoon brightened with lovely sunshine.We paid a quick visit to the plot between school and music lesson.The harvest is tapering off we got some some small courgettes, a few of the others had developed soft tips so were unusable maybe the cold at night is getting to them.Some more white turnips which are also coming to an end there are only a few left but we cannot complain as they have produced for weeks regulating themselves to a few every week.Sinead wanted to cut some Swiss card but I think she went for tough leaves!A handfull of runner beans which I think are ready to dig in soon as some of the smaller pods had quite big beans in them, some British Queens and carrots.
The tops of some of the carrots had a bronze shade to the foliage which is supposed to indicate carrot fly has got to them. We had carrots on 3 different beds this year,we had already pulled the first lot which were not up to much size wise ,Today I pulled all of the remaining ones from the other 2 beds and the majority of them are tiny!How can seed grown from the same packet in the same bed turn out such different sizes?I was speaking to Christy who is one of our gardening gurus on the plot and he said he has never been able to grow carrots and he has tried different ones over the years and tried everything with them to no avail. Next year it is back to the barrels for us!
The diggings of two tubers of British Queens, I took out about 5 marble sized ones, they are nice and clean apart from me putting the fork through one of them they are unblemished by blight
The seeds on the coriander, the few days of warm sunshine will dry them enough to pick before the weather breaks, fingers crossed!
Some late sweet pea on one of the plots, the bees were loving them.


It's quite a relief for me to read that Christy the gardening guru has never been able to grow carrots, despite trying everything, as I have exactly the same problem. I've tried different varieties, sowing times, soil type, but I get very little if anything at all. This year I have so far produced ONE mis-shapen and rather sorry-looking carrot :(
There's always next year....
Even when the harvest is tapering off, you manage to pull out quite a bounty!.. ~bangchik
keewee said…
The carrots I planted are not doing as well as I would wish for. I have a half dozen of a decent size, the rest are not even large enough to interest a rabbit.
Peggy said…
Thanks for all of your comments which prompt me to wonder is there a global carrot crisis?!
The Tile Lady said…
Peggy, your harvest is wonderful! Sorry you had trouble with the carrots, though. I was fascinated by the coriander seed. I really enjoy growing herbs and will definitely have some when I am able to next. And those lovely sweet peas! Really nice!
sordar joy said…
Thanks for the share. Great stuff, just nice!
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