Wedding Pics

A very quick post to ease myself back to blogging after a weekend celebration for the wedding!I had my camera with me but did not take any photos as there were cameras clicking all day and night.These are just a few informal ones taken during the day.We partied friday,saturday and Sunday,the happy couple have now left on a three week honeymoon to Thailand and Vietnam and we are in post wedding blues mode!Myself and Michelle dancing
Walking from the car up to the hotel,Bridesmaid Gillian Michelle and myself sporting THE hat.We had a beautiful Triumph car which was the same vintage as myself!The sun shone for most of the day which was remarkable enough this summer.
Eldest son Kevin and myself
The bride and groom checking out the wedding cake which was made of individual cupcakes with a top tier of chocolate biscuit cake smothered in white chocolate icing.Unusual and delicious!Michelle has a glint in her eye which says 'this is mine,all mine'!
Weather permitting I will be out on the allotment in the morning to see what is growing and what havoc the the weather has wrought in the last few days.


keewee said…
Peggy you look lovely in your hat. Lovely wedding pics, and I like the idea of a 'cupcake wedding cake'
Love that hat, Peggy!! Wish women wore hats more often but in the U.S. they don't. You look so dashing in yours!!
Oh I do love a wedding!

And can I just say, Peggy you look FABULOUS!

Jo said…
Oh Peggy, I love a wedding too, I love your new hairstyle and you look SO elegant in the hat. The cupcake wedding cake looks yummy.
Lynda said…
Lovely photo's, Peggy - you looked lovely, too - I like the brightly coloured dress you wore !

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