It has to be Summer!!

The calender says it is summer but the weather is not very compliant in that respect. It is rain every day for some part of the day and some days it has been all day!I have these pics in the camera of things captured during sunny spells, not all taken in one day but over the space of a couple of weeks!
Kevin sampling one of his strawberries, we thought they had finished but Kevin must have a late summer variety as he had 3 nice red ones on Monday, 2 for him and 1 for a slug that got there first
A bee investigating one of our sunflowers.
Aoife's pumpkin romping ahead of the competition so far.I self pollinated one of Kevin's as for the first time he had one female and one male flower in bloom at the same time.He has had lots of small pumpkins which die off after a couple of days.
I have a mobile home on the coast in a little place called Robert's Cove.It is quiet and peaceful, no shops or amusements but there is usually something interesting going on. These scuba divers come down every week to get in some underwater practice.They are on the cliff opposite the caravan park here, strapping on their air tanks etc; before slipping into the water.
There is a pub/restaurant there and this is the courtyard/smoking area.Smoking has been banned in public places etc in Ireland for about 5 years now.
I pick blackberries around Robert's Cove in the autumn so I walked up the roads to check how they were doing so far. It has been an exceptional year for soft fruit and the blackberries look like following that trend too as the bushes are weighted down with fruit.
The other watering hole, the Harbour Bar. I had to go down to take the photo early before it opened as usually there are cars blocking the view of the window boxes.
The outside of the Robert's Cove Inn with a riot of geraniums and nasturtiums climbing the ivy covered walls.
The view of the village from the caravan deck. The children say it is like Balamory, a fictional village in a kids TV programme!
A combine harvester at work in the field opposite, a few hours and the whole field was cut.In a previous generation the harvest was something which would have taken days and involved the whole village to get the harvest in on each farm. These big combines are contracted out to cut the fields and instead of being a social time for the neighbourhood it is now a solitary job for one!


Oh yes, we were speaking of this amongst ourselves at the allotment on Sunday - the only dry day in weeks - plenty of small pumpkin and squash fruits that drop off the plant - no wonder, they rot in the endless rain! I'm still waiting on the 'barbeque summer' the weather forecasters promised us back in May !!!

How lucky you are to have such a magical place to go to. It looks absolutely gorgeous.

lovely shots of roberts cove, those window boxes look great, sun must be shining there more than in the city!
Jo said…
What a lovely post, Peggy, from the luscious strawberry Kevin is enjoying, to the huge pumpkin squash to your getaway holiday spot. The window box photos in Roberts Cove at the pub are divine. It all looks so warm and colourful. Thanks for posting. I hope you have a few hot days soon before your summer ends. (((Hugs)))
Dirt Princess said…
Oh my goodness! What an amazing place!!! It is like a fictional place....How lucky you are to live in such a place!
Linda said…
These are lovely glimpses of the world beyond your plot. And at least the rain means swelling blackberries to follow.

The real-life Balamory is the little town of Tobermory on the Isle of Mull -

You asked why I'm going to be cutting off this year's leaf growth on my strawberries - it's because the immature flower parts from which next year's crop will develop are formed in the crowns during the summer. Taking off the leaves encourages the new leaves to grow quickly in the light and make food for next summer's flowers. So says Ken Muir!
Matron said…
That is beautiful! It looks like Ballykisangel to me? I really must make Ireland one of my places to visit. Hope you are going to show Bilbo a good time there when he arrives.

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