Things to do on a wet Sunday!

The rain continued for most of the day and there has been severe flooding in some parts of the country.The sun did break through in the late afternoon but I had sequestered myself in the kitchen by then.I blanched off the runner beans in salted water for a few minutes and then refreshed them under cold running water to stop them from cooking any further.I ended up with 6 freezer packs with 200grms in each
The beans were cooked off in small lots, here some in the pot and the next lot waiting its turn. I topped and tailed them and sliced them vertically to give them a uniform appearance. I think the 200grms is about right for defrosting for a meal. I will do this with most of the beans so we will have fresh veg during winter too.
The glut of courgettes has made me look online for recipes to make them last over winter also.Scarlett the Heavenly Healer suggested Ratatouille to freeze. I looked at the BBC Goodfood website and bookmarked a few interesting recipes and found this one for Ratatouille.It does not mention freezing it but I cut the last cooking times from 20 minutes to 10 to allow for reheating after defrosting.
It does not look very appetizing but smells and tastes delicious which is what counts.When defrosted cooked chicken can be added for the final cooking times.It can be served on its own with parmesan cheese sprinked over and some nice crusty bread. I will do an update after defrosing one of them.
The link for the recipe is Here

Photo shows one dish bagged for freezing and two more dishes cooling before bagging.I am using freezer bags to freeze since reading about it on Lynda's blog. It is a great idea and saves lots of space in the freezer, which is filling up what with frozen fruit and veg.
I spent a productive wet afternoon in the kitchen apart from doing 2 posts also!


A wonderful way to spend a rainy afternoon.
Thanks for stopping by my bog. You are so delightful and I enjoy your visits so much. Had to smile at the comment about all the Catherines in your family. Next baby comes along the parents need to start using another name. ha.
Catherine said…
Well done Peggy, getting so much prepped for the freezer, enviable! it was a dreadful sunday but I was on the road for much of it (see Facebook!) and am tired now. Just spent half an hour defragging and cleaning up my laptop to free up space. I need an external drive for storage! Your garden is really great. Talk soon
Peggy I'm really enjoying your blog! The Ratatouille looks good to me! :)
Anonymous said…
When I'm hungry tomorrow, I'll remember how yummy this looks. And you'll still be enjoying the fruits of your labor well in to next year. Looks so productive. You've done a grand job in the garden.
sharonl said…
Ratatouille looks yum Peggy, I love the stuff and we have 2 courgettes growing that I've got my eye on for next weeks ratatouille. I stocked up on freezer bags myself and spend most of yesterday evening blanching lots of broccoli, cauliflower and french beans. we seem to have gotten all our broccoli at once this week, so lesson learned for next year...successional sowing!!
does this mean you will be putting your feet up for the winter as you will only have to work your hands to open and close the freezer to make your choices for dinner??the ratatouille looks scrumptious!
Ann said…
That ratatouille looks delicious! Good idea using the freezer bags instead of tubs.

We had our first picking of our runner beans yesterday, they are really late for us this year. Never known such strange summer weather.
Fiona said…
Fantastic ideas - I am looking forward to our growing season and am cleaning out my freezers at the moment in anticipation

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