Veg to go

I paid a quick visit to the plot yesterday, as it was wet and windy I was just going to harvest anything that was ready to go. I came away with quite a bit, I did not attempt to dig potatoes as the ground was so wet and mucky.
I took 4 of our Chioggia beetroot,3 small courgettes,broccoli,parsley and some coriander leaves and 60 more runner beans.
I realised I was counting the beans about halfway through picking them so carried on doing so.They are cropping very fast and beans that were tiny a couple of days ago were now 7 or 8 ins long.I am going to blanch and freeze all of these for the winter.
The first lot of leeks need earthing up again soon and the others are putting on some growth at last. We staggered the leeks this year and so far they are growing to plan.
Only 2 of the celery plants are growing as I pulled out the ones gone to seed and these 2 seem to be developing white stalks as they are covered in with hay.
The courgettes are slowing down production at last.
Today is wet also with gale force winds blowing so I don't think I will be visiting the plot unless it calms down a little in the afternoon.


keewee said…
Peggy, that is a nice harvest.

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