Courgettes with everything!

I have not been out to the plot for a few days ,Gemma went up yesterday and found these two monsters lurking!I have been putting courgettes in everything for the past few days. Having 3 Italian students staying helps, one of them is a vegetarian so I am cooking up lots of veg dishes.
It is a bit fraught cooking Italian dishes for the natives but so far they have went down well. I had cooked a veg lasagne one evening and these are the ingredients for a veg & pasta dish.Our own beans,carrots,courgettes,onions,I had to buy peppers and tomatoes as ours are bordering on a disaster at the moment.I cooked off all of the veg and added tinned tomatoes and passata and left to simmer. The pasta was cooked separately and added at the end to the veg sauce mix.This is how the students said to do it.
( Fuzzy Photo)Some students bring a gift to their host family,usually a bottle of wine but these students brought food which is typical of their home in Trentino in northern Italy. A big section of Parmesan cheese,I shudder to think what it would have cost to buy here, a chunk of Parma ham and 2 bags of pasta.I think the Italians are very like the Irish in temperment and the 3 students have settled in well and are enjoying their stay. They have visited some pubs to hear traditional music and are going on a tour at the weekend to Bunratty Castle and Folk Park and the Cliffs of Moher which are in the running to become the 8th wonder of the World!
They also have a sweet tooth and love chocolate with or on anything. They are very appreciative of home baking and these chocolate cupcakes went down a treat!This and other mouth watering recipes on Cupcake Creations


mangocheeks said…
They are so lucky to have you! and your dishes made with homegrown produce.

Even though your courgettes are monsters, I am getting envious now as my courgette supply is starting to dwindle. Well I did only have two plants.
Lynda said…
Peggy, your students are very well fed, I must say ! Love the sound of all you've cooked/baked for them. Goodness, those courgettes are huge ! Have a lovely weekend ....
Hi Peggy

As you know, I'm also having the annual courgette glut right now! There's a fab recipe for courgette & pine nut muffins on 'love and a licked spoon' - have a look at my bloglist to find this yummy site.

I love the Italian attitude to food. How lucky you are to have such great guests.
Catherine said…
These look great - our courgettes this year aren't great and that's in the tunnel, too late planting them and the soil might be a bit depleted and the light is poor, needs new polythene. Plenty of alpine strawberries though, lovely on muesli for breakfast!
I replied to your comment on shakespeare over on my blog, and they are in West Cork every year before they come to Lismore Castle.I will tell you when they are next coming!
I love the photos of your produce on your blog, it looks so healthy! well done.
cupcake recipes lover said…
Thank you for the recipes for my cupcakes! I love them!

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