Did I mention....

....we are putting courgettes in everything?!On Sunday when I was out in the allotment, Angela my allotment neighbour was there. I told her to take away the red cabbage as she wanted as it is not now or ever going to be a favourite veg of mine.I got a phone call on Tues to say she had left a cake in the tearoom fridge for me. I knew it was her COURGETTE cake.I will get the recipe and post it soon.The cake is moist and chewy with I think either a cream cheese or yogurt based topping and is absolutely delicious!More courgette ideas on the way.
After spending Sunday on the plot and taking anything that looked edible I had no intention of going out for a couple of days.It was raining heavily on Tuesday morning but when I got the call about the cake we went out.The rain had stopped but the ground was still wet, I decided to have a quick check on the plot and look at what had snuck up in a couple of days.
Lots of runner beans,some of the ones I pulled on Sunday were a little tough so I am going to harvest them asap from now on and just blanch and freeze them, 4 more courgettes but these ones are small, no more leaving them for another day or two to develop into monsters.Our last cauliflower and a good bunch of swiss chard so I had a fruitful visit!


So, courgettes are zuchinni squash? That's what we call it 'over the pond'. Like the name you use much better. That cake looks divine.
keewee said…
Peggy,I was just discussing with Mr C
the difference between the pronunciation of Kiwi and USA words and how I now do or do not, use the American pronunciation. Tomatoes will always be tom ah toes, not tom ay toes, but I now call courgettes zuchinni. Some times my name is Jennifa sometimes Jennifer. Everyone tells me I still have a strong Kiwi accent, and I have been here almost 30 years.
Peggy said…
Hi Latane and KeeWee, some American pronunciations are different to ours on this side.Italians call them zucchini and I suppose the name went to the US with the immigrant population many years ago, so Italy and the US use the zuccihni name and to everyone else they are courgettes!
Lynda said…
That cake looks yummy, Peggy ! One of my blog readers emailed me a recipe for a courgette loaf last year, & I still hope to try it sometime :)
The Tile Lady said…
Oh, I just LOVE both carrot cake and zucchini cake! The cake looks yummy! You sound like you are having a very productive summer, peggy! Thanks so much for visiting my blog so often and making comments on my posts...a lot of people don't realize I have returned and am posting again. But you have been so kind! I will be posting and commenting much more soon, as I will have more access to a computer again, and I am really looking forward to it!

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