Other People's Plots

I paid a quick visit to the allotment on Sunday afternoon. It was a lovely day,more like Spring than Autumn, temperatures were actually hitting 14% in some areas. Almost tropical!I just did some tidying up around but had a quick look around some of the other plots
Everything looking orderly and shipshape here, plants tidied up for the winter or mulched for the Spring.
Its amazing the amount of plants still growing or starting growth for next year.Last year the allotment was deserted come October, here we are this year and everybody is getting a head start for the next growing season.I read somewhere the motto 'gardening is what shows you believe in tomorrow'
Another well ordered plot. I think this winter we have all got in our winter sown onions and garlic thanks to Mike's advice earlier in the year.That is the great benefit of growing on the allotments, lots of well tried advice is passed on.


The Tile Lady said…
It all looks wonderful! Thank you so much Peggy for your comment on my My World post. I literally wrote the three vignettes during commercials for Dancing With the Stars! I wanted to get the post done before bedtime and had to hurry! :-) You're right--I could turn these into short stories...I am sure there are plenty of definitely real stories just as dramatic that are like these, though, and quite true. But I am glad you liked them! Hope you do decide to join My World--it's great fun!

Anonymous said…
Hi Peggy,
You are right, it all is looking so tidy and orderly.
Gardening does make you look forward to those tomorrows.
Have a great day.
Darla said…
Okay, okay great post and everything, more important I didn't think I would find your blog again so right now it's going in my bloglist!
Ruth said…
Wow! Your vege patch look fantastic! I am very impressed.

It looks GORGEOUS!!!!!
I'm back on track at last and the endless cold and heavy drizzle has scuppered my allotment plan for today so I'm catching up with reading my favourite gardening blogs. I love your new layout too.
Great to check in and catch up with you Peggy. Have a hot lemon and ginger and kick off that cold!
Take care
Scarlett X

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