I have not been out to the allotment since we came back from holidays ,so I am putting up some photos of Lanzarote.The canary islands were formed many thousands of years ago by volcanic activity.About 300 years ago the volcanoes erupted and spewed out lava and burning ash over a period of 6 years.The whole vista of the island changed dramatically from one of lush green to vast areas of black tortured rock formations where nothing grows. Mother nature may be relenting a little for the devastation she caused as lichen,the first sign of vegetation to appear is visible in some areas in the lava fields and little bushes are clinging on precariously to what they can. Around the coastal areas the people have adapted and have vegetable gardens and use the volcanic ash as a mulch.It holds any dew that falls and passes it down to the soil beneath.The volcanoes erupted around the south west of the island the northern area has some areas where vegetables are grown.
This is just one view of the extent of the lava field and the volcanoes that were thrown up. I don't know how many there are in total but they stretch away in the distance on all sides.
This huge area is a national park now with tiny roads hewn through the lava.Cars are not allowed only the tour buses, parts of the drive are pretty hair raising as we skirted some of the craters and looked down in to the bowels of the earth!This is one of them, the area is not all black, there are some amazing colours depending on what was thrown up ie iron or sulphate etc.
There are 2 hot spots still on the island and this is one of them in the national park.When a bucket of water is poured into one these metal pipes inserted about 3 metres down in to the ground, count to 3 and it shoots up as steam!
In the same area, when dry brushwood is held to the side of the opening it catches fire in seconds!
They said that when Columbus was on the way to America (as we know now)he could see the mountains on fire.Timanfaya is the name given to this area, as the people who remained on the island thought the Devil was coming up through the earth and he is the symbol of the national park.


Anonymous said…
Hi Peggy,
I found all of this so interesting about the canary Islands and Lanzarot.
The photos are great. I can imagine the bus tour would be hair raising on those tiny roads, but also the view would be beautiful.
I am happy you had a nice holiday.
Have a great weekend,
Lynda said…
Wow, that was fascinating & I really enjoyed reading about it all - I had no idea ! Your photo's are also great, sounds like you had a super time :)
Oh the memories! We were there on our honeymoon and visited the volcanic park too. Lovely island for a holiday!
The Tile Lady said…
What a wonderful place to visit, Peggy! I loved seeing the photos and reading about the volcanic activity on the island. Really fascinating! Hope you get rested up from your trip, and will post some more soon! Take care--
Jo said…
Hi Peggy, thanks for this wonderfully descriptive post. What a fascnating place. Congratulations on being shortlisted for the Spider Awards. Blessings. Jo

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