Pumpkin Pie

Our pumpkin was merely the sum of its parts,shell,pulp and seeds.I decided to try making a pumpkin pie a complete first as I had not even seen or tasted one previously. Googled a recipe but all of them used the american measurement of cups? Using 2 recipes I eventually figured it out (I think).What I really needed was a recipe that began take a pumpkin in one hand and a sharp knife in the other...!All recipes used pumpkin puree, tinned or fresh, but how to arrive at the puree stage? There must be an easier way of separating the seeds from the flesh,it took me a good half an hour, then back to google to find out how to stew the flesh and put it in the blender to arrive at puree!
It tasted quite edible when it was all mixed ,the smell of spices permeated the kitchen while it was cooking and I must say tasted delicious when cooked! Would I go to that much trouble again,I am not sure,maybe if I started the day before and got the cutting and puree out of the way first.This is photo of the finished results one Halloween pumpkin and one pumpkin pie. Our pumpkin started life looking like this Now I am off to google Pumpkin seeds!
I put out the feeder for the small birds 2 days ago, it takes them a while to realise it is there, this fellow was in no hurry, quite content to snack at his leisure
This one is perched on the nearest bush waiting his turn for the feeder, there could be a queue of 3 or 4 sometimes. They can only support the smaller birds and the big crows etc, fly down but can't get near the feeder.


You did a great job. I am proud of you.
Shaun said…
Peggy I do love your site. There's always something new. I wish I had a way of doing pictures! I don't need to tell you then that the dickie birdies at your feeder are house sparrows? Shaun (walltoall)
Peggy said…
Hi Shaun, I did not know they were house sparrows, they don't live in the house that I know of?!
Hi latane,I was delighted the pie turned out OK.
Clara....in TN said…
Hi Peggy, thank you for visiting my blog via Latane Barton. I have been following your pumpkin story. Your pie turned out yummy looking. I also hate to dut open a pumpkin and seperate the seeds. I really don't know of an easy way to do it. I have a question about your asparagus. I know you cut it back and mulch it in the winter, but it seems I can still see stalks of your sticking through. Do you leave those there all winter? I have a bed started and this past summer is the first time it has produced. I haven't cut mine back yet, but now it is time. I like your blog. We are the same in a lot of things. I love the outdoors and I love all kinds of crafts, but right now, I am learning to knit two socks at a time. It is really testing my brain. LOL Come visit me again.
Clara....in TN said…
I meant to say CUT open...not DUT Type-0
Peggy said…
Hi Clara, they are bamboo sticks sticking up, I left them there for no good reason that i can think of now.I cut the asparagus down once the fronds had turned a copper colour.Oh Clara, you bring back memories of knitting socks in school! I hated turning the heels.
Clara....in TN said…
Thanks Peggy, I will get to my asparagus soon. Have you ever tried to turn two heels at the same time? LOL I really hate decreasing the gussett more than anything.
The Tile Lady said…
What a wonderful first pumpkin pie! I am so happy you persevered! I bet it was delicious!
Anonymous said…
Well done! I always give up on the pie idea after carving, but you make it sound easy! I'm gonna try it next year, it looks yummy.

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