Golden Spider Awards

The Golden Spider Awards are an annual event honouring Irish individuals and organisations for their outstanding achievements online and celebrating the successes of the Irish Internet and digital media.

The awards not only reward Irish businesses and community organisations but also individuals for their creativity and innovation. The Golden Spiders provide an important opportunity to recognise and showcase online excellence and are considered an important benchmark for distinction and merit in web-based business strategies.

This is my last post before going on holidays and most of you are probably wondering what it is about?!A few weeks ago I was on the Eircom webpage, (Eircom are the biggest telephone and Internet providers in Ireland). I saw the Golden Spiders and clicked into it for a read. They had the various categories for the awards and I saw that there was one for blogs,thought 'what the hell, why not? I filled in the online form and clicked.
Imagine my surprise when I was contacted to say my blog was on the shortlist!!
There is a shortlist of 8 in each of the categories.
The awards night is a big occasion, held in Dublin. I am afraid my budget would not stretch to travel, overnight stay and a posh frock for the event.
But,hey, I have been shortlisted which is an honour in itself.
You can log on to the site here for full information on the categories and the awards themselves.


Anonymous said…
Congratulations Peggy! You do have a wonderful blog and you deserve the honor.
Good luck and enjoy your holiday.
James kilkelly said…
Best of luck with this Peggy.
I gave your shortlisting a mention on the forum......
Lynda said…
Wow, Peggy what an achievement to be on this shortlist ... you deserve it ... CONGRATULATIONS !!!
Am off to check the website out now :)
The Tile Lady said…
This is wonderfully exciting Peggy! You have been short-listed for "Best Blog" truly marvelous. You deserve it!

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