Meter Reading

It may look like a strange name for a gardening post, but with winter setting in I will post on other hopefully worthwhile pastimes.I have been following Rhonda on the Down to earth blog Frugal living, homesteading, etc all have huge followings in America and Australia and across the world.Watching what we pay on gas and electricty etc is one key way of cutting down on bills and saving money. Thankfully we in Ireland do not have to pay for our water...yet!Rhonda covers all of this on her blog. In Ireland our meters are locked inside boxes or inaccessible, but if you can take an ESB reading,do so, then carry on as normal for 2 days, then take the reading again so you have an idea of what power you use. Then for the next 2 days cut down on unneccessary usage ie; unplug all appliances like microwave, TV, computer etc at night, turn off all lights if the room is not being used and don't close the curtains until needed therefore turning on those lights later. Take shorter showers the list goes on and on.Change the bulbs to energy saving,after 2 days take the meter reading again and see how much you have cut down and saved.Penny pinching has got a bad name but it should become a way of life. Why should we be paying the fat bonuses of the utility companies and also more importantly we have to cut down on energy usage and shrink our carbon footprints where possible.Log on to Down to earth blog for some eye opening reading from Rhonda and her blogging friends.If anyone has any ideas on energy or money saving let us know.


Lynda said…
It's so true, Peggy. If we all just did one small thing to help, it would all add up. With the current worldwide economic climate I think it pays for everyone to be frugal, too :)
Darla said…
Amen! Truer words were never spoken!
The Tile Lady said…
Wonderful post, Peggy! We all should be doing as much as we can! I love the new template you are using for your blog, too!


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