I have changed the look of the blog,the cutest blog on the block has lots of backgrounds etc;and it is so easy to try them all out. A bit like window shopping without the expense!I spent ages changing it to 3 columns and succeeded but when I changed the background it reverted back to 2 columns so I am just going to leave it for now.I probably did not save when I should have so anyone contemplating doing the same ,be warned!
I changed the header picture to what the allotment looked like the first week we were there. This is Stephen and Kevin getting to grips with it.
I have been nursing a dose of flu or something equally uncomfortable and have been inside all day, it is cold and wet outside anyway so I have whiled away a couple of hours doing this.I also visited a few blogs to see what you have been up to over the past couple of days.


Darla said…
Cute change. Hope you feel better today.
Peggy said…
Thanks Darla,the weather has got worse but I do not feel any better or worse!
Anonymous said…
I like the blog's new look, Peggy.
Plus with the picture on the header you can see how much you all accomplished on the allotment. It is a great picture.

I do hope you feel better. I know it is not fun being sick.
Take care,
Anonymous said…
Hey Peggy,
I tagged you for a meme if you would like to play when you feel better.
Hope you are doing o.k.
Stewart said…
Nice, calming even.
Sorry to hear about the fluey thing, hope you get better soon.
Sorry you have been feeling poorly but hopefully you are much better now. Missed you on here for a few days and knew something must be wrong.
The Tile Lady said…
Sorry you have been under the weather! Hope you are feeling much better soon!

Lynda said…
I love your new look, Peggy - especially the gorgeous green ! Lovely to see too, how far you've come with the allotment, looking at your new header pic - incredible !
Peggy said…
Thanks everyone for dropping by and leaving a comment while I have been 'off'.A chest infection after returning from the warmth and sun of Lanzarote!
Best wishes to all
The Tile Lady said…
I love the new blog format Peggy! Sorry you haven't been feeling well. I was so happy to get your comment on the Constance Markiewicz post--if you can come up with more info on her, I would love to have it!

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