Things to do with Strawberries!

Our glut of strawberries continues and we still have not resorted to jam making to use them up.D.Aisling got a recipe for Grown up Strawberry Jelly in a book 'The Farmer's Market cook book.A friend loaned it to her as small son Jack (2 in July) is a committed vegetarian for months,just try to get anything tasting of meat past his lips and he spits it out!Aisling was looking for recipes to vary his diet a little.
The grown up jelly can be made with any combination of soft fruit, I just used strawberries this time, make up the jelly with half the quantity of water and half of sparkling wine. I used Rose bought in Aldi's for 1.75e, the bubbles stay in the jelly for some reason. I don't have a jelly mould so used these supermarket cartons, the ridges on the bottom make a nice design when turned out.If being used for a party etc, cream could be piped around the edges and decorate with strawberries and a few mint leaves.
The rhubarb shortcake (recipe here)with strawberries added, I should have cut up the berries a little more to have a smooth top on the shortbread but it made no difference to the taste.
Meringue nest with cream, kiwi and strawberries, the nest was a little too small to accommodate the fruit!
We are working flat out to get ready for our Open day next Sat 18th June, coming in late each evening so the computer has hardly been turned on.
The kids have been doing loads of painting and I will post them during the week.


hearts_in_asia said…
Oh, that jelly looks good! I've just bought a stack of strawberries to plant over here, hoping I'll have my own glut in 6 months or so.
Anonymous said…
Yum I love strawberries,great idea putting them in the jelly. I hope to have a decent crop of strawberries this year as I planted quite a large area, lets hope I can get to them before the kids!
Why I garden... said…
Wow the strawberry dishes look fab, very summery! I enjoyed your photos of the garden event in your last post, really amazing and inspiring stuff. Think the hollyhocks might be delphinium? All the best, Kelli.
Willow said…
Everything looks so delicious. I made some strawberry shortcake today, but the strawberries were store bought. Still good though.
Jessie said…
It all looks so yummy!
PeggyR said…
WOW everything looks delicious!
Peggy said…
Hearts in Asia: you are on the other side of the world so when we are freezing over here you will be enjoying your strawberries!
Peggy said…
Kellee, getting them before the kids, blackbirds and the slugs is a bit of a tussle but enjoy the ones you do get!

Why I garden:Glad you enjoyed the pics of Bloom, you are probably right about the delphinium, I am never quite sure which is which.

Willow:Strawberries are delicious as we only have fresh ones for a short time each year!
Peggy said…
Jessie: thanks it was, I had to make something with them there are so manyjust now, it seems a shame to just make jam from them.

Peggy R;Thanks Peggy, it was definitely tasty and very morish!
Indian Pharmacy said…
I made a Cool Rhuby Cordial with Strawberry puree from The Perfect Puree of Napa Valley and it was fabulous! Plus using the natural puree you couldn't tell it wasn't fresh and it made it easier to use the puree. All my guests loved it. I still have some puree and I am going to try it in some of the other recipes as well.

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