A Blooming Great Day Out! 2

More pics of Bloom in the park 2011
Lots of photos but short on the prose!
Above, poppies blooming in the walled garden
Myself and sis Kathleen ,legless in the walled garden.
Even in the best of gardens the carrot fly is feared!
The Alice in Wonderland garden ,easily the best for me.
Giant teacups
All is not what it seems when you go through the looking glass,all the greenery is artificial!
Playing cards
Mad hatter
The Barbershop singers wandered around entertaining
Workshops for the kiddies
Edible landscape, allotment type garden
Keelings were pouring out freshly squeezed orange Juice
New Irish cream liquer, we had to sample!
Veg grown in rows of military precision, more artificial looking than Alice's garden
Just one of the lunchtime queues, the one I was in!
Kiddie garden inspired booties
Potting bench, remember those strawberry punnets?!
Wheelbarrow of veg.
Kids getting their hands into compost in the Growise stand
Another queue, this time for the courtesy buses back to the station

All shopped out and waiting for a lift home.


Willow said…
Wow, what a wonderful trip to go on. My Granddaughter would have went crazy. She loves Alice in Wonderland. Love your new header too.
Kathleen said…
Love the legless in the garden one!
Ann said…
Fab pictures, the weather looked good too. I was only talking about those strawberry punnets the other day, much more eco friendly than the plastic ones that we can't put into our recycling bin.
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said…
Hi Peggy just read your comment on my blog Im wondering if it is since I installed the self sufficency graph about a month ago?
Looks like you had a great time at Bloom.
Matron said…
What a lovely day! So great to see children and young people being involved and encouraged to start to grow things in the garden. Great post!
Anonymous said…
How exciting...lots going on, something for everyone! I always wanted to try growing mushrooms but never did. My Mom used to have stacks of strawberry punnets (I can't remember if Mom and Dad tried growing strawberries...but we'd pick them at "pick your own" places. Enjoyed your post!
maxv90@hotmail.com said…
he hallo, where arethe pictures of the boy with the lilly bulbs?
greets from holland

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