Hydro Farm,Open Day &BBQ

"The relics of Auld Decency"
Our scarecrow got a makeover for the open day!
It was the most successful Open day so far with friends,family and growers from other allotments and some GYO people also came along.The sun shone but there was a gale force wind blowing all day, we were windswept by the time we left to come home!

Young Jack did not like the scarecrow and growled at him each time he passed.

Then Jack discovered strawberries on tap!
Our strawberry bed came in for a lot of interest all day, people were interested in the difference growing them in a raised bed made.

Some of the crowd down the plots, the gentleman in the foreground grows veg down on Hare island off the coast of Baltimore in West Cork and said it would be considered a relatively calm day down there when I said it was very windy today!

Each year we raise money for a charity and this year it was for Bernardo's Children's Charity.The marquee was set up with a mouthwatering array of home made cakes,tea & coffee and people made donations.

Some more of the wall paintings


My contribution was painting an old door to look like half door opening out to a field!

Scott in the play area I made at the back of the shed.

View down the new plots

More plots which had all been brought up to show standard for the day

One of the lambs trying to chew the leaves from an apple tree through the fence!

Some of the plotters settling in for the BBQ

Children toasting marshmallows on the fire, no getting them home before that.

Perfect end to a perfect day, a rainbow over the allotments!


Crystalrainbow said…
looks like an amazing day :) a very big rainbow indeed
Why I garden... said…
Looks like you got a really good day! Nice rainbow too!
Jo said…
I loved the walk through your allotments on Open Day, Peggy. You are a good artist. I love the door and the BBQ was a super way to end such a wonderful day. Blessed with a rainbow, to boot. Well done to you all. (((hugs))) Jo
Anonymous said…
Great tour of the allotment, certainly looks like you all put in a lot of effort for the open day as it looks great.
Linda said…
You have such a neat and tidy allotment site, Peggy. There seems to be a real community spirit.
Anonymous said…
Wonderful photos - i hope our allotment site, at the moment a pile of dirt (see my blog for picture!) will eventually look as gorgeous as this
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