Lazy Sunny Sunday

A beautiful sunny Sunday, much too warm to work.
Kevin trying his hand at digging up some spuds for his Mom.Last night was very heavy & humid and I think our spuds look less green than they did, a few of us are convinced there is a definite yellow tint to the leaves.

Beautiful flower arrangement which Zwena put on the tea room tables which are now outdoor tables in the courtyard while the sunshine lasts.
Everyone who turned up today had brought something to share and we ended up sitting around the courtyard chatting and doing very little else, just taking time to drink the coffee and smell the flowers.

I did remember to bring the camera and caught up on some pics of the plot.
Tomatoes in the greenhouse are way behind what they were this time last year when we ended up with a glut, since moving them to the greenhouse they are beginning to climb but slowly.

Liam's roses tumbling over the fence

Inside the fruit cage the raspberries are ripening daily

I left 3 strawberry plants on the ground in the fruit cage and they have produced nice big berries, though slower to ripen than the ones on the bed.

The Lavender is just beginning to open

Peas (3rd sowing) are starting to climb at last.
Dwarf french beans are still struggling even though the wind break is around the bed

Huge broad beans but very little inside so far.

Sweet corn is taking off and is looking a little healthier each day.

The brassica bed, the calabrese is in the foreground and is setting florets.

Kevin resting from his labours and taking the opportunity to try out the sand & water table while there are no smallies around.
We had a lovely day on the plot with just some light watering to tax the energy.


Ann said…
Wonderful summer pictures Peggy, what a difference proper summer weather makes. Loved the picture of the bouquet, I could just imagine you all sitting round the table.

We had our first potatoes yesterday. No sign of any peas or beans yet.
gardenbliss said…
Love the pictures of your veggies- raspberries look so yum! Enjoying reading your blog.
Jo said…
I love all the photos of your berries and vegetables. And the beautiful lavender! It's obviously a wonderful place to congregate, have tea and interact with other like-minded people (gardners!) in such a casual way. I love your blog, Peggy! Have a great day. (((Hugs))) Jo
Peggy said…
Ann,it was a lovley social day, I am sort of glad you have no sign of peas or beans yet either. I was beginning to feel left behind reading other blogs where they are gathering legume harvest already!

gardenbliss, thanks for visiting glad you are enjoying my ramblings!

Jo, thank you for being a constant visitor, we are usually working away on our own plots at different times and do not often get the chance to have a natter.

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