Getting ready for the Open Day

Our allotments Open day is on Sat 18th and everybody has been putting in hours each day getting their plots in perfect order as it is the day when family & friends come out to see what we have been up to on all those days spent out there.
Lots of painting going on and the courtyard is looking colourful and bright as well as gates and pots, anything that stood still got a coat of paint!
I took some photos on the first day and will post more of the finished work on the Open Day.

Hydro Farm Allotments ‘Open Day’

Theme: Fun & Formal Gardening.
Date: Saturday 18th. June 2011. Time: 2pm. till 6pm. See the allotments with our ‘Plotters’ to show you around and answer your questions.
We have a Recycle stand where you can see how to use common articles for your garden including a portable strawberry bed and a herb garden on wheels.We also have vegetables and fruit from other countries including, Australia, Italy, China, USA, & France Tea, Coffee and Home made Goodies will be served, Yummy!
Directions: Go from Blarney towards Tower. Just after the first Pedestrian Traffic lights after Blarney, turn right, go up the hill with the yellow & white cottage at the bottom. It is Sign posted from there.
Everybody is welcome to visit
Call 087 2333183.


I want to go to your open day!
But I'm in London.....
Jason Dingley said…
I love the mural. Kids drawings and paintings are such works of art. Simple and pure. I was lucky enough to be involved in painting a wall mural when I was in school.
That looks FANTASTIC! The mural is terrific.
What a great idea. I want to be there and see what you have been up to, Peggy, but alas, I will have to stay home and just enjoy your blog.
PeggyR said…
I'm impressed!
Matron said…
Good luck with your open day. I wish I could be there! Not just for your wonderful allotments, but for some more of those home made scones with Zwenna! Happy memories!
cialis online said…
wow amazing time, I would love to do this, love the mural. Kids drawings and paintings are such works of art. thanks a lot just keep it up

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