Allotment Fare on the Table

Strawberry & Raspberry Pavlova.
This is my first attempt at making a Pavlova even though it is one of my favourite desserts.D.Michelle makes them and my sister Kathleen has made them for years.With eggs freely available from the hens who continue to lay their 4 a day and with the fruit from the plot I decided to have a 'go'!
I Googled for recipes and found one on the BBC Good Food site, I was also informed it is an Australian dessert and originated from Sydney!
Link to recipe hereThe recipe was simple and crisp on the outside and soft in the middle just the way I like (love) Pavlova!

I dug up one tuber of our first early Homeguard but was disappointed to find them very small,sort of large marble size!
We have had weeks of dry windy weather which did not help so I will leave them another two weeks.The rain we are having at the moment may help to swell the crop.
I pulled up one beetroot, the only decent sized one from our first sowing of them.
We have great looking broad beans about 3 ft tall with lots of huge pods but not a lot inside!
I cut the tops off of them not because of greenfly which are noticeably absent this year due to the cold I think.Hopefully they will now put some energy into filling out the pods.
I did'nt waste the small spuds, I cooked them and put them into a salad with the beetroot, broad beans and an onion.I also put in some flowers from the thyme, I used mayonnaise to bind but Olive oil would be nice too.
I blanched the Broad Bean tops the same as Spinach and they were very tasty!
I would use just the leaves for the next lot as the stems were a bit tough. This is another first for me, it was something I had read about but not actually done before.

Broad Bean Tops Update

I used the 4 egg yolks left over from the Pavlova with a drop of milk to make an omelette with more Broad bean Tops.
This time I washed them, pulled the leaves from the stems, chopped roughly and blanched the same as Spinach.Use more than you think you will need as they wilt down quite a lot.I added them to the egg mixture and it all turned out lovely...waste not ,want not!


Ann said…
Mmm, that pavlova looks delicious!!! Must try the broadbean tops, not sure if mine will get many beans this year, I was late planting them. Your salad sounded lovely too.
Peggy said…
Hi Ann,it is delicious, quite proud of it!
Jo said…
Oh yum, Peggy! You should be so proud of your first effort being so perfect. Mmmm. I wish I was there... (((hugs))) Jo
Why I garden... said…
Hi Peggy, the pavlova looks amazing! One of my favourite desserts. Kelli
Willow said…
WOW that looks so good and beautiful. Great job.
PeggyR said…
Oh that looks wonderful! I think once this week is over I will settle down I hope!
Peggy, that pavlova looks tooooo good to eat.

I have never heard of eating bean tops. Not sure what BROAD beans are. Are they maybe a bunch kind of green bean? I am just guessing here.
Anonymous said…
Yummy ;0)
Thomas C B Chua said…
It is, indeed, a great way to love the environment and your health. I'm drooling at the photos. Thanks 4 sharing.
Matron said…
A woman after my own heart! Pavlova and broad bean tops in one post... excellent! Have you ever made Eton mess? It is crumbled up meringue, whipped cream and crushed raspberries all folded together!

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