Winter Solstice 21st Dec

Tommorrow is the 21st Dec and the winter solstice will be beamed live from Newgrange in Co Meath,Ireland.
Usually it is dependent on the usual wintry clouds to be visible but this year with clear skies it will actually be dependent on people being able to access the megolithic tomb through the freezing conditions we are experiencing.
Tonight is supposed to be the coldest night of the big freeze,in fact it has been freezing here all day.Some parts of the country were minus 17% degrees last night!
Parts of Dublin are having heavy snowshowers and they will continue into tomorrow around parts of Leinster and north Munster.
Roads are treacherous as stocks of salt are so low only main routes are being treated until fresh stocks arrive from Egypt into Cork port on Wed.
Mayfield is frozen with only main roads getting any attention, footpaths and housing estates have been left under hard packed icy snow.


Anonymous said…
Oh my Peggy...your weather sounds terrible...this is when I pray that everyone has shoes, hat and a warm coat and a warm place to stay! No wonder you loosened the soil around your root veggies that are still in the ground! The cold weather we've had here in Florida even caused some of the trees to turn fall DDIL said it used to be that way when she was a kid...but not so much in recent years. You, family and friends stay safe and warm...Happy and hugs, Theanne
Oh I am SO over the bloody snow! It's been hideous here too. Unbelievable disruption in a huge city, nobody was prepared and the snow isn't really thawing either. PAH!

Newgrange looks amazing. What a magical place from which to view the solstice. I just saw on the news pictures of the eclipse this morning - too cloudy here to see anything - but it looked incredible and is a once every 400 years occurrence!

Stay warm
Ann said…
I've hardly left the house for weeks now, only been out when I really had to. I've never known temperatures so consistently below freezing. And we've still got to get through January and February!!! Good thing my house is lovely and warm and cheerful, hope yours is too.
Peggy said…
Theanne,we have dug out hats and gloves and anything we have to keep warm when going outside, which is only if and when we absolutely have to.Homeless people are having a tough time as shelters are full each night.
Peggy said…
Scarlett, the snow novelty has well worn off now! We usually get a couple of hours which thaws quickly so all the kids rush out to play but now even the kids are staying indoors.
Newgrange is amazing but this year instead of rain clouds they had low snow clouds so the sunrise did not illuminate the chamber.Hard to believe it was built thousands of years ago!
Peggy said…
Thanks Ann, the house is warm and Christmassy which is a blessing when coming in out of the cold. They really are arctic temps and there seems to be no let up for the forseeable future!

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