Last Sunny Day on the Plot

Last Tues was a beautiful sunny day, not very warm but more Spring like than wintry.
As I am writing this on Fri evening we are under 6ins of snow!
I needed to finish off some work on the plot which the last cold spell interrupted.It was quite pleasant from around 12.30 to around 3.30 pm but then I could feel the cold creeping into my bones, a couple of other hardy souls were doing likewise and we wished each other Happy Christmas as we knew we may not be out again with this next cold spell on the way.
I dug the rest of the parsnips, one very big one again not quite as big as the last monster and some normal sized ones.
I pulled some turnips and leeks and brought home the last of the lollo rosso lettuce from the greenhouse.
The sun disappeared behind the old orchard wall at 3.35 pm!It was more to the southwest instead of west which it does in the summer. Once the sun had gone the cold really set in and it was time to pack up and leave.
I extended the rhubarb bed as last season it was growing on the side of the bed because it was too narrow, it was mulched with a few wheel barrow loads of manure to protect it during the winter months when extremely low temps are forecast.
Thyme waiting for the turkey stuffing !
The swede turnips are looking a little forlorn as the recent frosts have got the leaves. I removed the netting from the Brussels sprouts, the sprouts are in the freezer so I left the stalks standing with some smaller sprouts and leaves for the pigeons.
I noticed these strange black fungi growing under the turnips.They may have been lighter before the frosts got them.

The lollo rosso survived the cold and frost in the greenhouse, I pulled them and brought them home as they may not have gotten through the next one.They are in one of the grow bags vacated by the tomatoes.
I tidied the shed and brought home my jackets etc as work on the plot is finished now until Spring 2011!We will only be picking any veg which is still in the ground so visits will be short.


Ann said…
I haven't been anywhere near my veg plot for weeks. I can imagine the cold you were feeling as the sun went down.

I'd made the apron to send to you before you made yours but decided to send it to you anyway, two aprons are useful I think!!!
Peggy said…
Thanks Ann, mine is the all over servicable one ,yours is the flirty hostess one!
I so wish I could garden like you do.My husband and I do try,and at the end of year we make a plan to do better and try new plants.I firmly believe that some have the talent and some though wishing they did, buy the talent of others at the farmers market...ha ha. I must set aside some time and come back and visit again.I don't travel but through blogging it does give me the sense of tiny little trips, and I so enjoy that!
Merry Christmas-Rebecca
Peggy said…
Hi Rebecca, thanks for dropping by and taking the time to leave a comment.We all make those promises each year, everything does not grow
perfectly! We lose some and gain some each year, that is what keeps us growing.Gardening is a pleasure and growing some if not all of your own veg is the icing on the cake.
I agree with you about blogging,its like time travel from the computer desk!
Susan said…
Well done to have the lettuce looking so good after that cold spell. Ours at the garden centre all were terrible altho' we are(semi) under plastic. Who knows when gardeners will be able to get back into the garden again with this new big freezing spell-even folks' root veg may be frozen in the ground for a while! Enjoy your Christmas!
Peggy said…
Susan, about the end of January I'd say before we get out again!Matron over on down on the allotment blog advised us to loosen up leeks etc a couple of weeks ago to make them easier to get out of the frozen ground.
Anonymous said…
Hi matter what time of year it is your garden always looks good to lovely to be getting veggies during the cold and know that there will be root veggies during the winter and rhubarb coming up when spring arrives! I wish you and your family Happy Holidays and a Joyous New Year!
Willow said…
One of the worst things about winter is no veggie garden for us. I only plant in the Spring and Summer.

I wish You and Your Family a Very Merry Holiday.


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