A Robin's Winters' Tale

My first attempt at collages simply because there are so many photos to tell the tale!
Click on pic to enlarge and then click on individual photo to see what the robin is up to!
After the last freeze on the Tues it was sunny and I headed out to the plot, this tiny robin hopped along beside me to see where I was going.He hopped into the shed because during the summer there were usually crumbs etc to be found after the various picnics.I threw him the remains of my sandwich which he pecked at for a few minutes. I left him hopping around where I had dug out the parsnips as the ground was soft after all the frost had thawed.
Tues of this week was a different story, I made it out to the plot as I had no snow photos of the allotments.The robin met me in the car park and hopped ahead of me, stopping every now and then as if to say forget the photos and start digging!He knew exactly where I was headed and was there before me!He got into nearly every photo I took as I moved he moved in front of me.
I did get a fork from the tool shed but could make no impression on the frozen ground, even the snow was frozen hard.
Then he hopped over to our small compost heap which had the wheelbarrow tipped over it and I wondered if it had been protected from the big freeze.

I was able to loosen up the soil which for the most part had broken down and was frost free. The robin was getting quite excited maybe he understood what I was trying to do?! He hopped within about 4 ins of my boot because I had to put down the fork to take a photo.
Success! He flew up to the top of the heap and nabbed himself a nice juicy worm, there was a bit of a tussle as the worm was not giving in without a fight.I had seen a few worms as I dug but whether they escaped deeper down I don't know.
One happy Robin!
This is my last post before Christmas so I would l like to wish all of my readers who have followed the blog over the year a very Happy and Peaceful Christmas where ever you are in the world.


Jo said…
Just look at that dear little robin at your boot toe! What beautiful photos, Peggy. Thanks for visiting my blog and the Christmas wishes. You have a blessed season with your loved ones. Greetings from Jo
Anonymous said…
Peggy love the picture at the top of your blog it is gorgeous. Also just wondered how you put the collage together did you arrange it on blogger? Hope you have a wonderful christmas. Kellee
Anonymous said…
The robin story and pictures are wonderful...how sweet you are to dig him so worms! I read the previous post to and your cakes are fantastic...and your decorating festive and colorful...enjoyed both posts and hope you and family had a Merry Christmas and wish you all a Happy New Year!

I want to learn to do a collage too, let us know how you accomplished it...thanks so much, Theanne

Your post and picture reminds me that the joy of growing our own isnt just in the produce but that sense of connection and joy, that nature in all its aspects can bring :)
Ann said…
What a clever robin, I think birds are more intelligent than we sometimes give them credit for!

I could see the chicken on your mantlepiece Peggy! Love the tin nativity, yes it is very stylish.

I've been away over Christmas, we were in Yorkshire. When I got home yesterday (Monday) your package was waiting for me, thank you so much, I tried making one of these but it was too hard to work out so your kit is a great present for me!!!
Matron said…
What a lovely story with the robin! I know they hop about when I'm digging and they get very bold when they are hungry or when they have a family to feed. That robin will be back next time he sees you for some more!
Anonymous said…
For a first timer, your collages are pretty good.
Peggy said…
Hi, I am just back home after a few days away.To quickly answer the collages queries:
I downloaded Picasa3 and then it is simply highlighting the photos and clicking the 'create' button. I found 4 or 6 is enough for a collage. I have not really played around with it as yet it probably does a lot more!Then export to a file in your pictures and it is done!
Linda said…
That was a lovely Christmas present you gave your robin!

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