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The frost and ice have left us for a short time it seems, they are forecasting a return to arctic temps for the end of next week but nobody has mentioned 'snow' as yet just mutterings of 'wintry precipitations!
Our allotment Christmas night was last night, Zwena holds this every year and opens up her home which she has beautifully decorated. We all dress up and sometimes it is hard to recognise a fellow allotmenteer minus wellies, old jackets and windswept hairstyle!Everyone brings some yummy home baking or something to share, I was late arriving last night so I didn't bother taking photos of the empty plates!Zwena had very kindly organised a little presentation for me for winning the RDS award ,there was much congratulations and good natured ribbing!
There was also a presentation for Michael who is leaving us after many years, he was one of the very first plotters before allotments became popular over here.Michael has always been available for advice and giving freebies of plants and cuttings to the newcomers, he is moving for health reasons to a new allotment site nearer home but has promised to come and visit us from time to time.
During the very hard frost which lasted for a few days without thawing out at any time during the day I noticed my tree had frozen cobwebs!This is a small tree in front of the house, it was once a tiny tree in a gift basket, I stuck it into this small section of earth and it has grown over the years to about 2 ft high.
Most of the leaves have gone from the contorted hazel by now but a few determined brown bits are still clinging on and I thought how hard it was to see the small birds on the branches, the perfect camouflage!The birds queued up here while waiting their turn at the feeders hanging on the wall of the house.
I moved one feeder to the branch of the hazel and the birds flock onto the branches now. It is very near the kitchen window so as soon as I try to take a photo they all disappear, but I still enjoy watching them.
My niece Catherine made this absolutely yummy Tobelerone Cheesecake and kindly sent me the link & photo via Facebook.I made it and it has to be the quickest cheesecake I have ever made.Definitely for chocolate lovers, it can only be eaten little and often! It is from Nigella and a link to the recipe is here



PeggyR said…
The cheesecake looks yummy. We have already been getting nailed with snow. Usually it doesn't get like this until January!
Jo said…
Glad you had a lovely party. I love the birds so close to your house. And the cheesecake:mmm. Thanks for your visits to my blog, I always enjoy seeing you there. Have a good week. Jo
Anonymous said…
Hi Peggy...I'd never seen frozen cobwebs before...they're quite interesting! I would love to have a contorted hazel...the contortions are very artistic and then there's the cheesecake...which I would like to make BUT then I'd like to eat it and my doctor would not be happy with me...LOL Enjoyed your post!!
OneStonedCrow said…
brrrrrr ... that looks cold ... I wonder how birds survive those freezing temperatures ...
Ann said…
Great to see the birds tucking in on your contorted hazel, I love watching the at my bird table. We've had a few milder days here but cold weather is due again at the end of the week.

I bought two giant toblerones today for my DS & DIL, should I use one for a cheesecake perhaps!!!

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