Birds of a Feather!

D.Aisling and myself modelling our new aprons and pot holders.
Last year I was involved in a gardening by Letter project organized by Anna on the flowergardengirl blog.There were 12 participants and each month we sent cards and gardening related gifts to Anna who then sent them on to that months recipient. I got my bumper parcel in Dec,there were hand made cards,packets of seed, handmade gifts and Anna had included a length of this material. I thought of it recently when searching around for something to do while housebound due to the weather.I was online blog hopping and I love blogs showing crafts, someone had been making aprons and I thought why not?!
Aisling had bought an apron recently for no other reason than there was a cupcake motif on it, but had become convinced that with 2 small children aprons were heaven sent for keeping clothes free of sticky hands etc!
I borrowed Aisling's apron for a pattern and made 2 aprons from the material with large front pockets.
There was some material left over and I set about making 2 pot holders as I am not sure what goes into an oven glove to make it heat proof, these have a layer of wadding sandwiched between 2 layers of hessian inside.The only thing I bought was the bias binding to finish them off, my corner mitering leaves a little to be desired but over all I was quite pleased with them.
While we were modelling Jack was trying to steal the limelight!

Nigel and Scott came into shot, the boys are in matching blue 'jamies and both love the camera.
The sewing machine is still in operation as everything is cancelled due to continuing snow and icy roads so I could be turning out another few masterpieces before I get out dancing again!


Ann said…
The aprons look great - well done Peggy! And well done with the pot holders, they look really good, I'm useless with bias binding, as you know, I do a lot of sewing but that is one thing that never turns out as neat as I want it to.
Kathleen said…
Lovely aprons and the models are not half bad either! A new business idea maybe!
PeggyR said…
The aprons are darling!
Anonymous said…
The aprons look very styly great fabric.
Peggy said…
Ann, thanks, coming from someone who sews as much as you that is a compliment!

Kathleen, naa..too much work especially the pot holders!

PeggyR, Thanks Peggy

Kellee, I should have taken a close up of the material really as there are multi coloured birds all over it, hence the blog name birds of a feather.
Anonymous said…
The aprons and potholders are so cute and so very, very functional. I like the kind of apron that goes around the neck...covers more territory...and keeps me cleaner. I like that fabric the red bird a cardinal?
Peggy said…
Theanne, thanks and I share your idea on aprons covering as much as possible! I don't know what the birds are as it is American fabric they are mulicoloured and bright.

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