The sun shone here in the south for most of the day and it was back to warmth and some work on the plot.
The peas are coming along and setting lots of pods but to my surprise some of the lower ones had been chomped despite wire netting around the bed.When we walked on to the plot a rabbit ran from between the lavender and pea bed but I thought they could not get at the peas?!I had to put more netting over the lower one to prevent anymore incursions.
Some of the snowball onions drying, these were about 10 that Michael had given me earlier in the year to try out.
The second row of netting around the peas, I had to adjust the colour of some photos as the sun was so bright at this time of the day!
Our lavender is nearly ready to cut, the bees are colonising it at the moment and anyone who passes takes a blossom to smell!
The main onion bed. I bent over the stalks as it seems to be the done thing but I am not too sure of the benefits of it?!The onions on this bed are all good sized bulbs now and hopefully the weather will be dry enough to allow them to dry properly.

The new bright green growth on the yard long beans, they had stayed at the level of the lower darker green leaves for ages and then last week decided to sprout upwards!
The girls picked the last of their mange tout,strawberries and lettuce and generally tidied up their beds which still have carrots,parsnips and they also bent over their onions.
I cut down the foliage of the dwarf green beans and added it to our compost heap leaving the roots in the ground, I wondered should I loosen them as they could sprout again, any ideas?
I picked the last few strawberries, raspberries and blackcurrants and made Matron's Summer Pudding which is setting in the fridge for another few hours.


Ann said…
The rain has certainly helped your crops along Peggy, now a bit of sunshine will certainly get things going.

The dry weather has held up most of my veg but I think we have your rain now - thank goodness!!!
PeggyR said…
Everything looks yummy. We finally had a bit of rain last night...
Matron said…
I'd be interested to see if your yard long beans come to anything. Mine grew to about 2 or 3 foot then died last year. I think they are a tropical climate plant.
Linda said…
Great to see everything coming along at your plot, Peggy. Obviously the rabbits are appreciating it too - that's quite a fortress you have round some things!
Onions seem to bend over by themselves when they're ready. Perhaps mine are just worn out by the Scottish weather!

I left the roots of peas and French beans in the soil last year and they didn't resprout. Then again, it could have been the weather...
Just wanted to say Good Morning, Peggy. Glad the sun is shining for you. May it always.
Anonymous said…
Hi Peggy,
Everything is looking wonderful in your garden.
We can't grow peas(the English Peas) here past April. It is just too hot. Just about the same with onions, also.

I can just imagine smelling the beautiful lavender blooms. My grandmother had those years and years ago.

Have a great day.
Ed said…
I think the reason we bend the onion stalks over is so that all the growth is put into the bulb rather than the stalks. I didn't do it this year because my onions were quite large but I think it can help in the last couple of weeks before harvesting.
Peggy said…
Ann,if you have our rain you won't be saying thank goodness in a few weeks time which is how long it has lasted so far and no sign of it stopping!

PeggyR, we are getting a great return from the plot at present despite the weather!

Matron,If they are any kind of a tropical plant they are as dead as door nails with this weather!

Linda,our rabbits sit there and look at us as if we are the interlopers!Since I double wired the peas there have been no more half chewed pods.

Latane, thanks for visiting and the good wishes I hope you are also keeping well.

Pam, I would swap my onions for just some of your sunshine!

Ed, thanks for clarifying that for me.It may be just an old wives (gardeners) tale but it does seem logical.Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to comment.
The Tile Lady said…
The allotment is wonderfukl, as always! I love reading about all that you are growing and the bounty you are reaping! Sorry I haven't been on here much, but I am trying to slowly get back into the groove! :-( Thanks for your comments on my blog!
Marie C.

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