Another Sunny Day on the PLot

Kevin volunteered to come out to the plot with me today,it was misting rain as we left home but the sun had come out by the time we got to the allotment.Kevin filling pots for the strawberry runners, as the strawberries were on the work list for today.
Some flowers on the plot first, this is borage which I grew from seed last year but I pulled most of it up as it was a bit of a thug taking up too much room. It is great for attracting bees and is a good companion plant to have in an out of the way area.It has reseeded around the plot, this is one I have left to grow.
Nasturtiums from last year also reseeded around the plots, this one is a lovely delicate colour on the pumpkin bed.The original ones were red and orange but this one seems undecided which colour to go for.
The bees were out before us today but not as many as yesterday, as it was a little cooler and earlier.This bunch was cut from just one plant and it is now in a pillow case in my wardrobe to dry out.I used rubber bands to hold the bunch instead of string or raffia as the rubber band will tighten as the bunch dries.The sweet peas are in a jug on the windowsill.
The strawberry plants had all of this years leaves taken off to allow new growth before the winter sets in.There were tiny green leaves smothered in the centres, all of the runners which I did not want were also removed. I took one runner from each plant as they are promised to another gardener.There was a lot of brown dry leaves since last year because I was not aware the old growth should be cleared.The runners are pinned into the pots to allow them to root, they are still attached to the parent plant for a couple of weeks.
Feast your eyes on carrots!!These are the thinnings from the carrot bed! They have been growing under the enviromesh which allows light and water to pass through.After yesterdays disastrous carrot tale I thought I should check these in case they were all leaves.I removed only a section of the fleece at a time in case the dreaded fly was around.I began thinning them by pulling out the smaller ones then I thought it would make more sense to pull the bigger ones and allow the smaller ones to grow on and extend the season a little.
Carrots under the enviromesh, the way to go with carrots. These were put in much later than the ones on the onion bed but have grown quicker and taller so the secret must be in the mesh protection.
More cobs forming on the sweet corn which is going to be a good crop. It is getting lots of attention as it is the best sweetcorn anyone has seen on the allotments.Lots of organic compost was added to the bed first and it has had a few seaweed feeds as it does not like animal manure too much.
Greenhouse tomatoes, these are big boy beef steak. There are not a lot of them as it is only one plant.
Money maker, I had to make a support for this truss as it was on the ground
Gardeners delight are prolific.
Kevin brought home his onions today and some oak leaved lettuce and lollo rosso which he loves.Kevin spent the day exploring, helping Zwena,weeding etc, he was engrossed in making a slug trap when I told him it was time to go home... at 4.00pm.He wanted to finish his task and wanted to know why we were going home early!
Yesterdays courgette cake with their cream cheese frosting, grated courgette and some mint leaves for decoration.

Yesterdays harvest became todays roasted veg for dinner.The smell around the kitchen while it was cooking was divine and they tasted as good!What I thought were yellow courgettes are actually pumpkins which can be used while small and tender or allowed to grow on to larger pumpkins and stored over the winter.


Kathleen said…
Everything looks great,love the lavender!I picked a fine bunch today believe it or not in Kilcully! Its in my porch now so hopefully the scent will be there everytime I open the door!
Peggy said…
kathleen, where in Kilcully?!
Anonymous said…
Wow looks like a bumper tomato crop alright, the lavender looks gorgeous hung in big bunches.
Jim said…
Well done on the carrots Peggy, just from a quick run around the blogs it seems a gardeners worth is judged by the quality of carrot they grow !! I agree with you on the borage I think mother nature did me a big favour this year by culling most of mine.

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