Between the Showers

The rain cleared last evening for a few hours and this was the sky last night as the sun went down.Red sky at night is a good omen but the angry clouds hovering?!
There was sunshine this morning and I went out to the plot to see how things had progressed or not.I had barely landed when the heavens opened and had to shelter in the shed for about 20 mins while it poured down.It cleared and the sun came out, I dug up some of the potatoes, these are still from the first and second early bed.They are a good size, some stalks have only 3 or 4 potatoes while others could have up to 8 fine size ones.Oak leaved lettuce red and green and spring onions and yes we are using our garlic which is perfect despite the onset of the garlic rust.
One of the courgettes plants which seem to love the wet humid weather.This is one Kathryn put in so I don't know what type it is!
Our sweet corn is romping away, again this humid wet weather seems to suit it but once the cobs appear we will need some sunshine as well.
Two of the plants have these tassels forming so I would think ( hope )they are setting cobs.
I pulled all of the onions today but left them on the ground until I can make some kind of a rack for drying.These are Centurion onions and are all a good size.
Definitely a courgette plant, I have only seen the courgette nestling under the leaves now, it will be marrow sized by the time I get out again!

Tomatoes in the greenhouse, some of the trusses are dipping down with the weight of the fruit on them.They are gardener's delight and moneymaker on this side.
Today was bright and sunny for the most part but tomorrow's forecast is dire to say the least but then it is supposed to improve for the weekend.


kathleen said…
Supposed to pour rain for tomorrow!, but they have been wrong for the past two days!At least it cuts down on watering the allotements!
Anna Bee said…
Your corn looks great - I'm green with envy!

Jo said…
Hi Peggy, I've managed a few blog visits in ever-so-long. I love your veges. My DIL is planting vegetables on their property in he mountains. (I'll be posting about it soon) I will stick to shrubs and trees (ornamental!) and eat her crops. I love your healthy looking lettuce, spring onions and cute corgettes. I hope you have a drier spell soon. Hugs Jo
Bangchik said…
great looking veggies. I guess you are going to have bucketful harvest of tomato by the look of it.
PeggyR said…
Your garden seems to be doing very well!
Peggy said…
Thanks for all the comments, I have been off the computer for a few days, we had no rain, a beautiful weekend out and about and I will be paying a visit to the allotment tomorrow (Tues) for an update.

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