St Swithin

St. Swithin's day if thou dost rain
For forty days it will remain
St. Swithin's day if thou be fair
For forty days 'twill rain nae mair

St Swithin's day is July 15th ,St Swithin was a 9th century Saxon ( English) Bishop of the famous Winchester Cathedral.When he died he asked to be buried outside the church, when the church was renovated about 100 years later his remains were brought inside and since then if it rains on that day it is believed it will rain for the next 40 days and guess what it rained here last Thursday!
I have been kept busy all this week and have not been on the plot since Tuesday.Kathryn has been watering the greenhouse plants and reported blight has definitely arrived on the second potato bed. Kathryn cut down the stalks on the worst affected plants digging up one to check the tubers, the potatoes were a good size but discoloured to a grey/brown shade.They have been sprayed religiously every week since the end of May.
I am painting my sitting room which has not been updated for about 6 years, so all paintwork from ceiling to skirting boards needs attention!It has to be fitted in between minding the two girls and two students one of whom returned home to Italy this morning which necessitated getting up at 3.00am to catch her early morning flight!
Jack had his first birthday party this afternoon and big brother Scott will have his second birthday in 2 weeks so for 2 weeks of the year they are essentially the same age!!


gulp, we had a fast and furious down pour here on thursday afternoon...
Enjoy the birthday season.
Ann said…
It's been chucking it down here too, I noticed on the weather forecast that you'd been getting some horrible weather. Sorry to hear about your potato blight, that's disappointing for you. I had a couple of beetroot with dinner the other day, delicious, they've done really well this year.
Peggy said…
Hi Nic,its been raining steadily here for the last 2 days and no sign of it abating as yet!

Hi Ann, all the the spuds have not got it and we are enjoying the first and second earlies which have been great this year.We have only one small row of beetroot this year as pickling seems to be the only way to deal with a glut but I am looking forward to those few when they are big enough!
FoodFunFarmLife said…
I had never heard of St Swithin before, so really enjoyed reading about this today. Looks like you are still having lovely weather, too ! My son has just recently turned one aswell - such a lovely age !
lettycole said…
I've just taken the haulms off my potatoes because a friend said that he thought I had blight! The leaves on quite a few had gone yellow and some had withered. It started on a friends seed potatoes and then spread to most of the others but about twenty are healthy and green and show no sign of yellowing yet. I have taken the haulms off mostly kerrs pinks which are still very small, will they continue to grow in the ground or should I just dig them up? The potatoes look healthy when dug, just small. I had a good and massive! crop of Sharpes Express....Help!

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