Quackers at Bloom

We have just returned home after our day out in Bloom in Dublin, I just had to post these photos of the mother duck and her ducklings who spilled out of the Borage bed in the walled garden in front of us! We heard the quacking as we came level and spotted Mom making a break through the box hedging

She turns to check the chicks

Out she comes onto the gravel with 4 of the chicks tumbling after

Wait for me....

7 little ducks went out ....

At last all 8 ducklings are in formation as Mum sails forth! The O.P.W staff said she comes back each year to the Borage bed to lay her eggs and hatch, but it usually is a week or two later and does not coincide with the crowds converging on Bloom. Mom is leading them to where she knows there is water but today there are too many people around so they cannot let her out of the walled garden into the main area

A box is fetched to put the ducklings into and a coat is thrown over Mom's head to catch her but she flies up into the air squawking loudly and  Mayhem ensues !

Mother duck giving out!

3 of the ducklings make their escape over to where Mom is ,followed by the staff

All is well that ends well and the whole family is safe and will be put out of harms way for today at least! it provided great fun for us the spectators but a harrowing experience for the O.P.W staff .


Caz said…
That is just hilarious! :-D
PeggyR said…
LOL about the ducks. I love ducks!
Jo said…
What a hectic chase. I could just imagine all the squawking. Thanks for a delightful post, Peggy. You seem to be having a great weekend. Blessings Jo

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