Flowers at Home

The garden at home is really beginning to burst into flower, above the 'Manhatten Lights' lupin bought at Mallow Homes & garden festival 2 years ago. The Mallow show is on at the moment and I hope to visit tomorrow ,weather permitting. We have been to Chelsea and Bloom so cannot but attend our very own garden show held at the Cork racecourse in Mallow!

This photo was taken last week before the lupins flowered.In the front the primrose 'Vialli' bought at Bloom by sis Kathleen, between the lupin and primrose is Geum, seen at Bloom and bought here at home recently.
This is a candelabra primrose bought at Mallow garden festival last year, I had forgotten about it until it bloomed quite spectacularly!
Close up of the 'Vialli' primrose.
The Acquelegia or Granny's Bonnet, this one is a lovely shade, it has reseeded all over the garden even in the gravel.
This you have seen before, March pansies still blooming in their bowl !
The aliums were beautiful and I am so glad I photographed them before the wind decimated them!
My old fashioned Peony Rose, the wind and heavy rain battered the first flush of blooms but it has come up trumps again and 3 more flowers are out.

The Peony with the Alium, Hosta to the left and blue Cornflowers behind which I have tried unsuccessfully to remove so many times, even the hens failed to kill it off!
Just some of the flowers blooming at present in the garden at home.


Kathleen said…
The garden is blooming beautiful! Lots of colour and variety there.Glad to see the vialli is looking good! Did you get to Mallow,did you see the wheelbarrow guy anywhere?
Betty said…
Your garden is so pretty. I tried to grow lupines, but no luck. You have a green thumb Peggy.
PeggyR said…
Everything looks so lush and colorful!
Peggy said…
Kathleen, did'nt get to Mallow after all!
Peggy said…
thanks Betty, so far Lupins have grown for me both from seed and as plants, I have always loved their shape and colours.
Peggy said…
PeggyR, its June so hoping it will stay that way for a few weeks, maybe even improve a bit if we get a good spell of nice weather!

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