Bloom 2013 part 2

Early in the day the craft tent was an oasis of calm, we could hardly see it later on!
Lots of stalls with garden knick knacks for sale.
The Keelings 'Love to Grow' garden.
The Jack & Jill Children's Foundation garden which had some filming and photography going on.
I loved the planting shapes and colours.
Aliums growing above Hostas made a striking show.
Heucharas making a colourful statement.
Expert gardener Gerry Daly on the Woodies Expert Stage which different gardeners occupied throughout the show and gave advice and Q& A sessions
The humble spud had its very own marquee!
The different varieties in each bed.
Just some more pics of a fantastic show which if you missed or have never been I would say start planning next year's Bloom.


Marie said…
Just amazing! I know it had to be a great day there. So much to see and do!

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