Bloom 2013

We had a very enjoyable day  at Bloom not least because the weather was kind to us! There were 28  gardens this year, divided up between small,medium, large and concept gardens, which took some time to get around so we devised a plan of action ,down one side and up the other so we would not miss anything. The gardens were all different and not just 'show' show gardens something could be adapted from all of them to your own garden no matter how large or small. This one is The Kerry Group, Concern Worldwide, 1000 day garden designed by Paul Martin.The 1000 days is the length of time from pregnancy to the child's second birthday.Paul designed a garden which shows a Zambian locale growing Zambian and Irish food to emphasize the importance of the kitchen garden

Woodie's DIY had a novel section of neighbour's gardens, 3 back and 2 front gardens a bit like looking over  someone's fence!
Sis Kathleen ( with the plastic cape from Chelsea, it did spit rain for a bit)with  Super garden winner, Lisa McKnight ,she won the televised garden design competition
Colourful potting table!

One of my favourite gardens the Eco Tango garden, a vertical garden made from recycled pallets was just part of it.
Recycled sleepers, gravel and camomile plants make an unusual pathway.
A fairy garden with tiny figures hidden among the planting, a fairy house is hidden underneath a log!
Make a miniature garden in a flower pot for a bit of interest in a corner!

Another favourite the 'recession' garden! The '70's themed garden reminds us of simpler times and holidays when a week in a caravan was the dream holiday!
The hanging basket promenade, this was taken early in the day!
John West were giving samples of their wares all done up like North sea fishermen!
We were entertained as usual by the Barbershop singers, they pop up all over the place throughout the day!
This year we caught celebrity chef Donal Skeahan in the Bord Bia quality kitchen which is actually a large marquee. There are various chefs on the stage during the 5 days and we have to select a time to suit our busy schedule,we also get a cookery book with all of the recipes for each chef .
That is only a very small sample of Bloom, I will do another post on the kiddies who are admitted free into Bloom each year so there are lots of family orientated stands etc.
There are loads of vegetable stands/gardens/displays to see plus the artisan food areas where you can nibble your way around the various mouth watering foodstuffs on offer.
When Bloom began we could get an early train from Cork, get to Bloom about 12 and see the entire show, for the past 2 years we have journeyed up the night before to be there when the gates open and it is hard going to fit everything in in one day it has gotten so big!
I think Bord Bia will have to look at longer opening hours, such as  8am to 8 pm like Chelsea.


Jason Dingley said…
I love that little round hut in the first pic. I can imagine having a cup of tea in there with my garden group. And the miniature garden in a pot is a great activity to do with children.
Jo said…
I love the vertical garden, the recycled sleepers (can't get them for love nor money in South Africa anymore) and the potting table. I loved it ALL, Peggy. Hope you're keeping well. Jo
Peggy said…
Jason, I loved the little fairy pots and a friend of mine is actually making them for her daughter after seeing the photos!
Peggy said…
Jo, our supply of recycles sleepers has probably run out too but treated unused ones are on sale but quite pricy.You would love the whole Bloom experience Jo.Keeping well and busy and I can get out of bed each day unaided, much to be thankful for!
Marie said…
How wonderful, Peggy! WQow! I would love to be there some time. It looks like the perfect gardener's paradise! Lots to look at and do and learn! I am so sorry I haven't been around in a while. I got terribly behind with everyone and am trying to get caught up! Hope you are having a beautiful early summer! God bless!

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